Rain Rain Go Away!

Last night the radio announcer reported that over 2 inches of rain had fallen in the Pismo Beach area and more was on the way. (This was not the drizzly stuff, but full on torrential down pour stuff. The stuff that caused mud slides in KL. Sometimes, the trailer shook with the wind.) He advised people to try to stay inside. No kidding. We had been in the trailer for over 8 hours already. During that time we watched 4 episodes of  “Boardwalk Empire”,  “Mike and Molly” the movie “Water For Elephants” wiped, swept, vacuumed, washed, polished, rearranged cupboards,napped, played Farkle, Cards, Monopoly Deal, checked e-mails, facebook, investments,(more than once), showered, cooked and ate supper. By 9:00 we were drinking California wine, (a lot) and reading our books. (in separate rooms). Thought you would want to know what kind of books we read. So….

Here’s an excerpt from John’s book “Tail- End Charlies”, a historical account of the second world war in England.
“For a year, British Intelligence had known that German scientists were developing flying bombs of some sort. Their precise mechanisms were still a mystery but their intention was clear.” 
Here’s an excerpt from my book, “Forbidden” a historical romance from pre-medieval times in England.
“ The only hints of delicacy in the man were his dense, faintly curling eyelashes and the clean, curving line of his lips. The stranger was handsome in the way a warrior is handsome, the beauty of a storm rather than the beauty of a flower. Recent bruises, cuts, and scrapes mingled with the scars of other, older, battles. The marks served to enhance rather than to diminish his aura of male power.”
Shelley and John

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