How to Blow Your Budget – Buy a RV

5 days ago…
I reviewed the budget. The original plan was $100 per day……

HA! The reality is $145 per day. Here is the breakdown if you average everything out for 18 days. ( If anyone wants, I can send a detailed break down.)
$75 – Fuel (12 mi./gal.)  
$30 – Campsites (Ca. is killing us)
$40 – Essentials in order of importance: wine, groceries, entrance fees to lighthouses etc.
Deep breath. Look at everything. OK. OK. We can probably do this for 6 months. When we get back to Canada, things will settle down. Go ahead buy that beer.
4 days ago…
“Oh boy, that’s not good. I was afraid of that. It’s going to run you a lot,” drawls the RV Doctor, who doesn’t make house calls for less than $100!!!!! ”How much? Well, $220 to replace the mother board for the hot water heater. Now, now, sir, I ain’t  fixin’ to sell my whole business for $220. Oh, that’s a joke eh? Tell you what, if you don’t need a receipt, I can give it to you for $180. Cash only. Yes, you can follow me to an ATM where they charge you 5 bucks per transaction.”
3 days ago in a RV Store……

“So, someone suggested that you get a surge protector eh? Well you don’t want to fry your electrical. Do you? No worries, I think I have one here (searching). Here we go, yours for $83.”
Two  days ago…..
“You have to understand that this is a Duramax 2500. This thing’s a beast. Oh, you know that. Then you oughta know that you gotta take care of it. That will be $183 for an oil change, new filter and oh, I put in a light bulb in the front of the truck. I threw that in for $20.”
One day ago….
“Put that beer back. You don’t need to drink every day! Jesus Christ we are not the Bank of Montreal.”
Thank God there are  free things you can do on a road trip!

Monarch Butterflies

Shelley and John

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