Black Friday Training Tips

Last week my husband, John, and I put maximum effort into every activity. During hikes, heart monitors were used and continuously checked. The bike ride was 21 miles around a lake, in desert heat. 

Tennis games lasted over two hours. Sprints, leaps and jumps were added to the running workout. Wrestling was considered, but immediately rejected, as my parent’s condo is on the second floor.  

Black Friday is only 2 days away! And the Smiths have never been! This post Thanksgiving Day ridiculous price slashing sales event begins at midnight. We saw the videos and heard the stories. We knew what we would be up against. We needed to be prepared. We are prepared!!! ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, since arriving in the Palm Spring’s area, I have been a little disappointed. I know it’s a good thing that the Xmas list will be filled, but feel it just won’t be as much fun as anticipated. In fact, we might have over trained, because the average age here is, oh, 75.  I know this because we went to Bingo last night at our RV Park . The old boy playing next to me said he was 88 years old. 
He wore glasses with coke bottle lenses, took about 10 minutes to sit down and his shuffling speed was about a ½ mile per hour. 
“This” is my competition. 
John has tried to cheer me up. He told me, “Chin up. Don’t ever underestimate the “Blue Hairs.” They are on a fixed income. Look, I’ll bring the camera just in case. “ 
Shelley and John

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