Black Friday? Walmart? Guns? Pepper Spray? Pass Thanks

Last year, my husband, John and I hit the Palm Springs Walmart at 11:30 pm on Black Friday. Although we had never participated in a Black Friday before, we were prepared for crazy. Luckily, our crowd was pretty subdued. 

However, things were not so calm at other Walmarts around the US. At the Myrtle Beach Walmart, a woman was shot in the foot by robbers outside the store. In the Port Ranch Walmart, a female shopper, who had lined up for over an hour and a half, pepper sprayed 19 other customers. She was the first person to get an Xbox. Prior to the attack, she told a security guard that she had pepper spray. He did not take if from her, nor notify management. 

I “know” what I would have done if someone pulled a gun or a can of pepper spray on me. 
Scenario One
Robber: Give me your bags or I will shoot you in the foot.

Me: OK. 
Scenario Two
Crazy Woman With Pepper Spray: Get out of my way. Although I’m #20 in line and guaranteed an Xbox, I can’t take a chance. Move, or I will spray you in both eyes.

Me: OK. 
But that is what a sane person would do. What about those 19 people who didn’t move? What in God’s name was wrong with them? For an Xbox???

Tell you what, I am going to give the first 13 in line a break because people surged forward. They were probably too shocked to move or, maybe they were pushed up against something or someone. But for the final 6, what were you thinking?

For #14 was it? “Oh No! She just pepper sprayed 13 people. Maybe she’ll skip me. Yeouchhhh!”
For #15 did he think?Holy crap! Maybe if I can just cover my eyes with my sun glasses I will still be able to get my X…. Owwww!!”
#16 and #17, did they have this unspoken mutual understanding? “Hey! Let’s link arms! Do not let go! Two is better than…. Eowwwww!!!!! Our eyes!”
I wonder if #18 was hoping? “I’m good. She must be out of spray by now. Ahhhhhh!!!! That B@$#%!!!!!!!”
And finally #19. Seriously? Seriously. He could have grabbed an Xbox and bolted long before she reached him. But, he stayed. The only reason I can think of is, maybe he was soooo confident, he just thought, “If that crazy ass woman comes near me, I will shoot her, in the foot, with my gun I bought here last Black Friday. Oh no. I left my gun in the …… Wahhhhhhh!!! Why you crazy ass!!”
And what about Walmart? How was she allowed to pay for her Xbox before she was thrown out? Did the Security Guard say to the boss? “Come on boss. Let her pay. She obviously really wanted it.” 

And did the boss thoughtfully reply? “Fine, but cash only. We are not taking a 3% hit on the Visa transaction.”

Shelley and John


3 thoughts on “Black Friday? Walmart? Guns? Pepper Spray? Pass Thanks

  1. Hey Grant. Just watched some video clips from the States. Best quote, "If you push me once more, I'm going to stab you with my knife. WTF???" And to keep you updated with Canada, we now celebrate Black Friday. Oh what you are missing! 🙂 How are the book sales going?


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