How to Play Bull S#$@ Poker, RVing Rules

John says I need to be friendlier and talk to more people. So, today I joined a group of “noodle boppers” in the Catalina Pool.  After we all introduced ourselves, the conversation resumed. But this was not a laid back chat, it was a competition. A “BS” competition.
I was in.
Pink Noodle Man: So, as I was saying, there I was, pulling my 32 ft. 5th wheel in the 60 mph wind today. It was like trying to control a rag doll.

Green Noodle Lady: Oh, I know. Our 35 ft. bus felt like a tank, not that I was driving. Jim was. Oh, I never drive. Just too much rig for me.

Blue Noodle Lady: Tell me about it. When “I” was driving our 35 ft. 5th wheel, which was pulling our boat, which was pulling our smart car, it felt like a run away train from Disney Land.

Shelley Without a Noodle: (Damn. Pass.)………
Pink Noodle Man: My 4 kids would have been pretty annoyed with me if they knew I was driving in that kind of wind.
Green Noodle Lady: I hear you. Our 5 kids and 6 grandchildren would have taken away our keys. No question about it.
Blue Noodle Lady: I sure wouldn’t want to face my 7 kids, 5 grand children and 3 great grand children. They would have killed us. Guaranteed.
Shelley Without a Noodle: (Damn! Damn! Damn! Pass!)………
Pink Noodle Man: Speaking of children, my eldest son, who’s 35, started working in the oil patch, in Alberta, as an electrician. He’s now in Houston working as a robotic engineer mending oil pipes. He’s with his third oil company now because he keeps getting head hunted. Jeesh, he must be pretty good.
Green Noodle Lady: Well isn’t that interesting? When my son came back from China working as a subway engineer for Shanghai at the age of 32, I didn’t know if his next job would be as fulfilling. Thank goodness it all turned out OK. He recently accepted a Doctoral position at MIT. Kids eh? Aren’t they something?
Blue Noodle Lady: Yes. Yes. You know I was just on Skype this morning chatting with my granddaughter who recently retired at 29. Can you believe that? Apparently her gamble on the stock market paid off. Big time!  But I do worry about what she will do with the rest of her life as she is so young.
Shelley Without a Noodle: (ALL IN!!!!!!!!!)  

Oh I am sure she will be OK. In fact I have this relative who at 19 was in the armed forces serving in Iran. After his unit won the Nobel Peace Keeping Award, he challenged himself by designing energy efficient clothing for desert conditions.  At the same time, he successfully developed a soil filtering system, which reduces the environmental damage from oil rigs. He retired at 25 from the forces, and now works overseas as a robotics professor, professional actor and sports promoter. Did I mention about last summer, when he carried a small piano on his back, while running a half marathon, for charity, with his wife? They even convinced him to sing “Oh Canada” before the race. To think he is only 28. Crazy, eh?
Pink Noodle Man: (Damn. Fold.)………
Green Noodle Lady: (Damn. Fold.)………..
Blue Noodle Lady: (Damn.  Fold……………)
Shelley: Jack pot.

Shelley and John


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