My Parents On Skype

mom and d IMG242
While hanging out in my parents’ condo in Hemet…
“Valerie. We need to phone Shannon back. I never forget a phone number……. Valerie. What’s her number?”
“(Machine gun pace) 753 3312 8876.”
“What was that?”
“Oh Jesus Roy. (Machine gun pace) 753 3312 8876.”
“Hey Shannon (My sister.) It’s dad…..Cuba was definitely for the laid back…”
“Ask Keith (Shannon’s husband)  if he is coming down to play golf?”
“What Valerie? Hang on a sec. Mom wants to talk to you.”
“No, I don’t. I’m busy. Look at me. I’m doing laundry. Your  laundry.’
“Oh! OK. Never mind. No. We didn’t golf. It was just too expensive, it was…”
“Keith said that he would fly down and play golf. That’s why I am asking.”
“Hang on Shannon. John and Shelley, are you laughing at me?”
“No Roy. They think I’m funny.”
“Hang on. Your mom wants to talk.”
“Valerie, come over here.”
“Hi, Shannon. It’s your mother. Cuba was pretty expensive. The price of gas was $1.20.”
“No it wasn’t Valerie. It was $1.50.”…………..
Shelley and John

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