Snowbirds in Los Algodones, Mexico

Drug and liquor stores, as well as pharmacies, were every where. Street vendors aggressively pushed silver jewelry, belt buckles, leather purses, assorted wood carvings, ponchos and mexican blankets into our arms. You name it, they hawked it.

We escaped into a restaurant featuring live (bad) Mexican music and old Snowbirds (people who escape winter from Canada and northern states). We ordered tacos (5 US dollars), margaritas (free, way way too sweet) and Coronas, (Headache inducing. Could they be fake?) 
T-shirts with assorted logos were everywhere.
OLD GUYS RULE (Was this for retired male Snowbirds who are no longer Kings?)
KISS MY A#& I’M RETIRED ( Maybe for angry Snowbirds who have reached their breaking point?)
DON’T ASK ME FOR Sh%^t! (For very angry Snowbirds who just came to Mexico to drink and are fed up with their kids who are still on the pay roll?)
F$%^YOU, YOU F$%^ING F$%^! (Proof that this word can be used as a verb, adjective and noun in the same sentence by an angry bird Snowbird. HA! HA! Get it?)
I F$%^ ON THE FIRST DATE (Apparently it can also be used as an action verb by a single Snowbird. Have to admit, this one made me laugh out loud.)
I’M SHY, BUT I’VE GOT A BIG D^&*( (Just a sad, pick up line at closing time by a sad Snowbird.)
EAT MY BURRITO (The burrito was attached to a dog’s you know what. What single Snowbird female could resist this?) 
IF YOU CAN READ THIS, THE B*&^% FELL OFF ( John’s all time favourite. For Hell’s Angel Snowbirds.)
Snowbirds wore these. Mexicans did not.

Shelley and John

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