Smith Christmas Tradition #4 How to Play Games Smith Style

John made up a new game for Christmas. It’s based on the shows, “You Deserve It” and “Family Feud.” Here’s how it works. One person thinks of a person, character or object, then gives a clue. If you don’t guess, you ask for another clue. You only get to guess once. We tried it out today while snowshoeing. It was Matt’s go.

Matt: Ex athlete.
Rest of us: Hmmmm. Another clue, please.
Matt: Actor
Rest of us: Hmmmm. 
Shelley: So, he was a soccer star who is now a sport’s commentator? I can’t think of who that would be. Another clue please.
Matt: What? No. That is not what I said. I said an athlete who now acts.
John: Has he ever commentated on sports?
Matt: I don’t know! F@#%. Here’s another clue. His sport was football.
Andrew: Leslie Nelson. He played football.
Matt: Leslie Nelson? He was not an athlete.
Andrew: I’m pretty sure he played football with O.J. Simpson. They made a movie together called “Airplane.”
Shelley: That’s right, with that actress. John, what was her name?
John: Marilyn Monroe. I think.
Shelley: Are you sure? I though it was that other actress.
Matt: What are you talking about? Yes, Leslie Nelson starred in “Airplane” but he did not play football! MARILYN MONROE WAS DEAD LONG BEFORE THAT MOVIE WAS MADE!!!  
Andrew: Matt! Why do you have to be so loud? 
Matt: Because you guys are deaf. Anyway it doesn’t matter Andrew. You’re out of the game because you guessed wrong.
Andrew: Why? I just guessed once. 
Matt: You only get one guess. 
Andrew: That’s pretty stupid. This game is stupid. You’re stupid. 
Matt: God Damn you people! This isn’t even my game. Why am I even playing this game? 
John: Matt. Calm down. Was it English football or American football? 
Matt: Jesus Christ. Don’t you people listen? 
Shelley: Another clue, please.
Matt: Why? You don’t use them. You just make up your own.
Shelley: Now Matt. I am listening. Just give another clue.
Matt: OK. Fine. Prison.
Rest of us: HMMMMMMM!
Shelley: Oh. I think I know the prison. Alcatraz in San Francisco. “Escape from Alcatraz” was the name of that movie. But that’s not the movie I am thinking of. I am thinking of the movie where no one was trying to escape. Shoot. Can’t think of it. Never mind, I do know the name of the guy who starred in the other one. The one where they were trying to escape. Ah, my memory is so bad now…..Clint Eastwood. Yes. That sounds about right.
Matt: You’re out.
Shelley: Me? Why? That wasn’t a guess. I was just thinking out loud.
Matt: For F@#$ sake!!!!!!! Let this game be over with.
John: Another clue. Please.
Matt: Samoan
Andrew: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Matt: Andrew! You’re already out of the game!
John: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Matt: There. You win. Congratulation. Great @#$@ing game.
Rest of us: OK. My turn. I have one!
Shelley and John

3 thoughts on “Smith Christmas Tradition #4 How to Play Games Smith Style

  1. Ufff, So you got this scene here, fits perfectly well when traveling to a destination. I mean the movie story and you can possibly have 3 rounds before you reach a gas station and something stupid happens when Shelley is out buying stuff or say a movie star you named while guessing this game, he or she appears there too…
    Am I making sense?
    If yes, send me links to next 2 posts.


    • Hey Arjun am laughing already about something stupid happens at a gas station. We were actually at one in the Red Woods in Northern California, when John almost ran over a woman when we were pulling out. She had stolen an arm load of stuff and was being chased down by a worker.
      We are in England talking about your suggestions – are your ears ringing? And one of our friends said, not a movie a sit-com. Matt (son) reminded me of a story I told him when we were looking for an RV to buy. We were very interested in a beautiful, hardly used unit. When we asked the salesman why someone would sell it, he told us this story. A couple finally retired and bought the unit. But, before they had a chance to set out on the road, the husband died. The woman toured the States, on her own, returned to the Valley and was selling it. Matt, John and I think that might be a basis of a story line. The woman goes on the trip, after her husband’s funeral, but it is a trip with funny, warm, flash backs. That’s all we’ve got so fat. What do you think?
      Next posts:
      Just read through all of January 2012. Most have John in them but maybe..


      • WoW, This is good news. You guys make an adorable family. Sitcom or movie, anything for screen will do.
        Na. Don’t kill John. I understand you have him in flashbacks and stuff but don’t. Not that genre. Keep it simple humor.
        In fact the idea is in one of your short stories. Avoid, a major plot, pick a small issue and let that roll into a bigger chaos. For eg : a petty lie of John or you, boomerangs.
        Read synopsis of “ten items or less” if you haven’t seen the film. Not for the genre but the simplicity in story-telling.


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