Smith Christmas Tradition #2 Skiing on Mt. Washington

Whenever we are in Canada for Christmas, our family goes skiing on Mt. Washington. This Christmas, my grade 9 nephew, Logan, joined us.

He is a good listener.

Matt: Logan, a piece of advice. You gotta get two girls to date one.
The dating Guru clicked his skis together for emphasis. One ski plumetted from the chair lift to the ground. 
Matt: Gawwwwwwd Damn it.
Logan: Got it.
He has an eye for detail.

Matt: Where is everyone?
Logan: I dunno. Is that Ash?
Matt: That’s a girl with long black hair. Ash’s hair is light brown, curly and shoulder length. 
Logan: Oh right. There’s your mom in her blue helmet.

Matt: Mom’s helmet is pink. What the hell is wrong with you? Forget this, let’s just go. If we get separated, do you know what I look like?
Logan: Yes. You are wearing… a hat. And… pants.
Matt: Those aren’t descriptives!

He likes to share details of  his latest run.

Logan: Hey!!!! Did you see me sfkgj ;lg akljg lgkg sg?Then I lakdf aldjkf akjdf fadf!!!!!! Wasn’t that cool?
Andrew: None of those things you said were words. Matt, did you understand what he just said?
Logan: aldkj glakjdg Matt.
Matt: What?
Logan: Then I owuer woeru slkg blkjfa!!! Dad said adklfj asl  because I now fljlk jfslkj fser!!!!! Awesome, eh?
Andrew: Remember what we talked about Logan. Use sentences and speak slowly.
Logan: Oh sorry.  Ha! Ha! Then I went adj lg aglk wor oiweu ga oijh  before the jump asdj daf and I ykffah, “SHITTTTTTT!
Matt: Now that word I understand.

Logan, thanks for entertaining us.

Shelley and John

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