How to Take your Pictures With the Stars Part 1: The Smiths and the Orrs Take on LA

Boy, am I excited!!
We are going to spend the day in LA.  I have done my research. I have an itinerary. I have a plan.

11:00 Leave Hemet. Traffic should be OK by then.
1:00  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
1:00 – 3:00 But tour that takes us by the stars’ homes.
3:00 Rodeo Drive
4:00 Beach for light supper and to people watch. Maybe I will get a tattoo, medical marijuana and shoot some hoops. KIDDING!
7:00 NBA GAME to watch the Clippers play!!!!!!!!!

I also have a list of stars who I plan to have my picture taken with.
List A
Brad Pitt ( Without scary ass Angeline.)
Prince, Blanket, and Paris ( My intel. says they are allowed out without masks now.)
George Clooney ( No brainer)
Ellen Degeneres ( Then ask for tickets for her show.)
Julia Roberts (Hopefully she will be hanging out on Rodeo Drive where she shot “Pretty Woman.”)
Michelle Pfieffer (Will try to get close enough to see if she really hasn’t had any work done.)
Meryl Streep ( A woman older than me who still gets work.)
Matt Damon ( For Andrew)
Courtenay Cox (Cougars should meet.)
Beyonce ( For Ash. She should have had that baby by now.)
Liz Taylor ( Is she dead?)
Bradley Cooper (Sexiest man alive besides John!)
Batman (For Matt)
Charlie Sheen ( Is he really that crazy?)
Kobe Bryant ( Scouting at the basketball game)
Any Clippers players. ( Don’t actually know any by name. But after tonight I will be their biggest fan – if they win.)
Tom Cruise (If Hollywood loves him, Shelley loves him.)

Lunches are ready. Car is sorted. Dishes are done!  Family is yelling at me to “Get in the damn car!”
Wish me Luck!

Shelley and John

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    My goal is to be on Ellen Degeneres and if that fails Chelsey Lately.


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