How to Stay Happily Married Tip #2 Learn Spanish Together

Despite our misgivings, which I voiced in a letter to my brother Steve, we found ourselves on the long, long, long, road to Houston, Texas. (To view the letter “American Hoggers Why They Scare the Bejesus out of Me”  click here.

John: No. No more games.

Shelley: How about we name all of the States of America?

John: No. I just can’t. No.

Shelley: OK. Tell me something about you I don’t know.

John: Jesus Christ Shelley. We’ve been married for thirty years. 
Shelley: Want the radio on?
John: No. I don’t care who wins the Republican Nomination. I don’t want to be saved. I don’t want to listen to country songs…………Oh. My. God. Look around you. Why do people live out here? What did they do wrong? Can you imagine? How big is this bloody State any way?

Shelley: You know, if you had agreed to stay at the last rest stop, we would be done by now. 

John: Do not blame this six hour day of driving on me. “You” refused to stay in the last town.

Shelley: You mean the one where the real “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” took place? 
John: …… Dear God. How much longer to the next town?

Shelley: Maybe an hour to Ozona. There must be an RV Park there.

John: F@#$$CKKKK!!!!!!!!! This country has looked exactly the same since we left San Diego. And now we are in Texas.

Jesus. Nothing changes. Nothing. Even the road kill is the same – deer!  I can’t believe that “Billy The Kid” couldn’t find a hiding place in the middle of ” F#$% Butt Nowhere!”

Shelley: Hey.That’s a swear. Why don’t we play a game where we each take a turn saying a swear word? I’ll go first. S#$%. 
John: S#$% head. 

Shelley: Nope. That’s my word. You have to come up with a different one. Try again.

Shelley: John?
Shelley: Tell you what. I’ll even let you say my favourite word.
Shelley: What is ‘”wrong” with you?…..
Shelley: Fine.
And that’s how we finished the last hour of our seven hours on the road.

Next day I  bought a “How to Speak Spanish For Beginners” CD.

Shelley and John

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