World’s First Bungee Station

We have been having a great time in Texas visiting the Texas Orrs; brother Steve, sister-in-law Shelley, and niece, Bailey. It was inevitable that tales of growing up would be rolled out and dusted off. At Bailey’s request, Steve told the story about the World’s First Bungee Station built by him and my other brother,Shenley in Terra Nova National Park. 

I’ve taken the liberty of creating their dialogue.

Darryl (not his real name): Hey Shenley. Steve. What’s up?

Steve: Can’t really tell you.
Darryl: What? Why not?
Shenley: If we tell you, you’ve got to help us out.
Darryl: Oh boy. I’m not sure. I still have 25 stitches in my head from the last time I helped you guys out. 
Steve: Whatever, Darryl. You chose to get on your bike and try out our ice ramp. It’s not our fault your head hit that roof.
Darryl: I was unconscious.

Shenley: True, but look at all the attention you got. And, it wasn’t even your idea.

Darryl: Jeez…..Guys…..I don’t know….
Steve: Don’t worry about it. I’ll get Bob. He’ll do it.
Darryl:…… ahhhhh
Shenley: Last chance. Tell you what. We’ll even let you go first. 
Darryl: ….OK….. OK. I’ll do it. But promise me I won’t get hurt. Mom’s still pissed that she had to drive over an hour to the hospital.
Steve: We promise. Now, look up in that tree. Can you see how we’ve attached the pulley to the branch, then thread the clothes line through it?
Darryl: Yes.
Shenley: What we’re going to do is wrap the other end of the clothes line around your waist…. like that….. good. OK Shenley, pull with me.

Darryl: What are you doing? Put me down!
Shenley: Relax. Look how safe you are. Again? Cool. Right?
Darryl: Very cool. Thanks guys.
Steve: Actually, you’re not done. That was just the first step. Let’s go up to the garage roof. The next step is to jump off the roof, into the gulley, while Shenley and I hold on to the rope. When you stop swinging, we let you down. Ready?
Darryl:……….I don’t know. It’s pretty far down. If the line breaks, I’m going to crash into those trees.
Shenley: Darryl. Didn’t we just raise and lower you without any problems?
Darryl:….Yes. But. 
Steve: But what? Don’t you trust us?
Darryl: …..Uh…. yes? Its’ just that….
Shenley: Never mind. Give me the rope.
Darryl: No! ………. I’ll do it. Just don’t let go. Please. 
Shenley and Steve: You’ve got it, buddy. One. Two. THREE! 
Darryl: Yeee Haw!!! Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Steve and Shenley: …….. Do you think we killed him this time?
Steve: Darryl? Hey! Are you OK? Where is he?
Shenley: There he is. Crawling out of the bushes. OK buddy? Oh oh. There’s blood, 
Steve: and branches,
Shenley: and leaves,
Shenley and Steve: sticking out of him. He looks like a porcupine… or….mmphhhhh!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh boy. His mom is going to kill us. Ha! Ha! Ha! 
Darryl: You B@#$^%$s. You! Let! Go!

Shelley and John


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