You Know It’s Time to Leave New Mexico When You Think You Have a Serious Chance of Winning American Idol

You know it’s time to leave New Mexico when….
you think you “are “the Park Rangers at the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the Eighth Natural Wonder of the World,

the temperature drops to minus six degrees celsius, at night, causing your hoses to freeze, and the water line to burst,

there’s snow,
you stop at a Casino to gamble a little, and eat a little…… before noon,
 you visit The White Sands National Monument and you lose your reading glasses!
  Reading glasses on the collar of my shirt.
Reading glasses off the collar of my shirt!
You really know it’s time to leave when you drive for two days, directly into, at times, 50 mph head winds,
when you are a little too close to ……
you think that you have a serious chance to win “American Idol.”
Shelley and John

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