What Goes on Tour, Stays on Tour

Tour rules:
#1 Be game for anything such as:

working out, 

visiting hokey tourist towns, like Oatman, and being hokey,

                   Getting your pictures taken with burros,  live and  
                 possibly not so live, 


even where hunters hunt,
in the hot, hot sun.


even in big winds, and alligator infested ponds, 
                                        Kidding, they’re fake.
Tour Rule #2: Napping is OK, 

even encouraged.

after all, 

at times, 

it can reach 80 degrees in the desert.

 But it might be better if you both nap at the same time…..


 the temptation may be too much to resist….
 RATTLE SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley and John

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