He Said She Said

We’re back on Vancouver Island. 
Before heading to Comox Valley, we caught up with my sister, Shannon, brother- in- law, Keith and nephew, Logan in Victoria…

Shannon: Did I tell you about the time Auntie Gayle and her family came to visit? Gawd, what a fuss that ungrateful bunch made. Over nothing.
Keith: It wasn’t nothing.
Shelley: Why? What happened?

Shannon: They came to Victoria for a one day, whirlwind trip which “I” had planned perfectly – wine tasting tours, a picnic lunch with french bread, four types of cheese, and seasonal fruit. It was awesome until on the way back to Sooke, when I asked everyone whether they wanted to take the scenic route through Port Renfrew, or the Malahat (Red route directly south from Duncan.)

Duncan (East of 18) is wine tasting country. Home is Sooke (14). Pass Lake Cowachin , then head south west for Port Renfrew.
Shelley: And?
Shannon: Everyone but Gayle, started yelling at the same time. What a racket. I couldn’t understand a word. Usually, my co-pilot helps me out but, Gayle doesn’t hear very well. So, I was on my own. I remember thinking, “To Hell with it.”, made an executive decision and turned onto the scenic route. 
Keith: Shannon. That’s not quite right. Nobody chose the three hour ride over the half hour return.
Shannon: Well, all “I” heard was noise. Anyway, as I said, I turned right. It was done. Always wanted to try that road.
Shelley: Ha! Ha! How’d that go?
Keith: Not so good. Everyone hated it.
Shannon and Keith

Shannon: If they had sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, they would have loved it. Instead, the back seat didn’t stop bitching and whining the entire time. Can you believe, at one point, Uncle Jim accused me of violating his rights, because his vote was ignored? He said it felt like he had been kidnapped. Christ. How ridiculous is that? 

Shelley: Ha! Ha! Keith? 

Keith: It was awful. The plan was that we would bring them back to the house for a nice leisurely barbeque and have plenty of time for them to make the ferry.

Shannon: Jesus. They had their barbeque and made the ferry. What was the big deal?

Keith: The big deal was, you floored it once you realized how long the scenic route was taking. Imagine, a three hour roller coaster ride.

Shannon: Oh for God’s sake. You say “I” exaggerate. Logan, you loved it. Right Logie?

Logan: Longest 7 hours of my life.

Logan and Keith

Shannon: Whatever. Auntie Gayle said it was one of her best trips. Ever. “She” can come again.
Shelley and John


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