Announcing The Almost 2012 Darwin Award WInners

We thought, “Hmmmm possible 2012 Darwin Award Winners” when we took these pictures in Texas and Joshua Tree.

30 meter climb without rope
We continued to think the same, when we overheard the following conversation take place between two Lacrosse players at the Grand Canyon…
“Wow. Isn’t it unbelievable?
“Unf#$%ing believable!”
“And the colours?”
“Unf#$%ing believable!”
“It must be at least eighteen miles wide.”
“Unf#$%ing believable!”
“Hey! Look where the rest of the lacrosse team is standing taking pictures.”
U*%#$%ing believable!” 
“Dude. There are no railings. The ledge drops off into space!”
U*%#$%ing believable!”
“I heard some guy say it’s about one mile deep.”
U*%#$%ing believable!
“Same guy said around thirteen people die each year. Some jump. Some fall.”
U*%#$%ing believable!
“I have a huge fear of heights. But, whatever dude, I’m going to join them!”
“Me too. Go! Go! Go!24 had their picture taken and 24 survived. No pic’s by us, because it was too awful to watch.

But, when a drunk fisherman dove off the end of the wharf at Pismo Beach, California,
in 50 degree water,
and was helped,
by surfers,
who risked their boards and lives,
despite him not cooperating, 
to save him, we didn’t think Darwin Awards, because, winners can’t put anyone else’s lives in jeopardy.
But, I was definitely back to thinking Darwin Awards the other day, when I forgot to use the car’s hand brake causing it to roll backwards towards our beloved 2500 Diesel Duramax Crew Cab GMC truck with a short box because that’s when John…

Re-enacted by John

Both truck and John survived. Darwin Awards denied. This time.

Shelley and John
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