Why our Dentist Vacations in Hong Kong, Mexico, Hawaii, South America…..

Now that we’re back in Comox, it’s time to get the yearly medical check ups out of the way. First on the list – the dentist.  John went first.



John: Want to see?
Shelley: Nice. What’d he do?

John: He dug out the rest of the filling and cavity, wrapped 2 wires around the stub, then attached some kind of composite to the wires.
Shelley: Ak. Ak. Ak. Stop! You’re making me nauseous. Speaking of, how much did everything cost?
John: Let’s see. Four hundred for the filling, plus 500 hundred for the composites on the two front ones, plus two hundred for the check up and cleaning, makes 11 hundred bucks.
Shelley: Jesus Christ. Did you buy his practice too?  
Campbell River

John: Trust me. I chose the cheapest option.
Shelley: What were the other choices?
John: He said I could have it pulled for one hundred.
Shelley: You’re kidding. I could have done that for free.
John: Ha! Ha! Another option was to pull the tooth and have a bridge built for two to three thousand or, he could pull the tooth, drill a titanium screw into my jaw, then attach a crown starting at twelve hundred bucks.  
Shelley: Ak! Now I’m really sick.
John: I know. Right? I was feeling a bit sick myself when he started to describe what he would do with the titanium screw. Drink?
Shelley: It would have been devastating. Just devastating. 
John: Jeez Shelley, it’s nice to know that for once you were more worried about me than the money. Because, sometimes I wonder.
Shelley: John! I’m hurt by that remark. Of course I care more about you than the money. That would be wrong… so wrong! Besides, I haven’t even gone yet… (Sigh) better make that a double.
Campbell River is twinned with Hokaido
Shelley and John

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