How to Make Friends Part 2 Take a Zumba Class

Determined to make friends in the Valley, we head out to our first and possibly last Zumba class…

John: Not sure if I really want to do this. I bet I’ll be the only guy.
Shelley: You’re doing it. You promised me that we were in the “finding friends thing” together.  
John: Hope she’s patient.
Shelley: You’ll be fine. Did you know that dance stimulates the memory?
John: Shame we didn’t go this morning, maybe you wouldn’t have left the groceries in the car all afternoon. 
Shelley: Ha! Ha! Ready?
John: Not really.

In the car, on the way home…
Shelley: I think the Instructor liked us. What was her name, again?
John: Not a clue.
Shelley and John: (Sh@#! Sh@#&y S@#! S@#!)

Shelley and John


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