How to Make Yourself Heard? Honestly, I Have no Idea

Ahhh summer. 

A time for vacationing with family and friends. Sharing a glass of wine, on your deck, while watching the sunset. Joining the Smiths for a family dinner…

Everyone: Thanks for supper, John!!!
Husband John: You’re welcome. Game?
Mom: Just a quick one. We’re pretty tired.

Daughter-in-law Ash: Here’s your tea, Shenley.
Brother Shenley: No. I asked for green tea. That’s brown… and foamy… like mud. I can’t drink that.
Ash: Right? Shelley made it from powder. It does look kind of funny. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Shelley (me): Don’t be silly. It’s from Japan.
Shenley: Pretty sure it’s not green tea.
Everyone: Drink it! Drink it! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Nephew Dan: WT?? Andrew!
Andrew: I didn’t do anything.
Marina (Dan’s mom): Stop it boys! 
Son Andrew: Dan! let go of my nipple.
Dan: Heh! Heh! Heh? Yeowwww!

Shenley: West Jet is suspending their flights to the Comox Valley from Edmonton and Calgary.

Dad: I heard that.

John: Shelley, while I get the cards, why don’t you explain the game?
Shelley: (No. Absolutely not. Remember what happened to Shenley at Christmas when he tried to take the family picture? Please don’t make me. ) Why don’t I get the cards and you explain? After all you cooked supper. You’ve done enough.
John:  (No. Absolutely not.  I do remember what happened to Shenley at Christmas when he tried to take the family picture. I’ll make it up to you. Anything. I promise.) No. No. Sit. Sit. I’m already up. I insist.
Shelley: (Fine. But remember, you promised  ANYTHING) Ahhhh… So, the way you play this game is…
Mom: One deck gets dealt to four people.
Shelley: Thanks. That’s right. But…

Andrew: Dan. Look at you champ. Eating the pork chop right out of your hands. You go buddy!
Dan: Mmmm. Chomp. Chomp. Soooo good.
Marina: Lord Jesus son. Do you want me to smack you? You just touched all those dirty coins. Go and get a fork.
Dan: Mmmphh?
Andrew: Gross. Right Auntie Marina?
Marina: Go. Now!

Shelley: But before you deal, you each need to throw a coin in the pot and then…
Mom: If you win you get to be the dealer.
Shenley: Guaranteed the value of real estate is going to go down when that happens.
Dad: That is not good news. Why is West Jet pulling the plug?
Andrew: Dan! Don’t touch me with those dirty hands.
Dan: Like this? Googly!! Googly!!!
Andrew: Hey! You put grease on my shirt. I love this shirt.
Dan: Ow! Ow! Mom. Andrew just pinched me.
Marina: Andrew!!!

Andrew: What? He touched me with those grubby hands first.
Dan: OUCH!!! Mom! Don’t hit me!
Marina: I’ll more than hit you, if you don’t stop.
Shelley: It’s sort of like…
Mom: And, you can make up your own rules.


Shenley: It’s because the city council sits on initiatives so people give up.
Dad: Longlands might be taken over by Crown Isle. 

Shelley:… like Bingo.
Mom: OK. Let’s start.
Andrew: But, I don’t know how to play.           

Ash: Because you weren’t listening.
Andrew: Ash. That’s not fair. Do you know how?
Ash: I have no idea.
Marina: Don’t worry. We’ve all played before. We’ll help you.
John: Right. I’ve got everything we need. Ready?
Shelley: Absolutely. Let’s do this.
Andrew: Why don’t we play spoons? Everyone knows how to play spoons.

Shelley and John

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Yourself Heard? Honestly, I Have no Idea

  1. Hey Shelley,The title of this post made me laugh. Wait until you, your husband and all your friends are all deaf! I call it living in the land of the loud talker. Yikes!I am glad you are passing the "How to be a blog reader" idea.Barbara


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