How to Stay Happily Married Tip # 9 Support Your Spouse

Second in his age group.

John and Andrew are competing in a Tough Mudder Competition at the end of June. To prepare, John entered a 10k race a couple of weeks ago. As a loving, supportive wife, I entered too ( even though I haven’t ran that far in 8 years.) Not going to lie, it was pretty awful after 7kms. Placing first in my age group, (Don’t get too excited. The woman who placed first in the older age group, beat me by 8 minutes) made up for the pain, though.  So much so, that I agreed to run again last Sunday…


Shelley: There are less people here compared to last week. Wonder why?
What John Says: I heard some guy say that Tough Mudder is really tough compared to this.
Shelley: Wonder why? Looks like the course goes around the lake, so it should be nice and flat. Maybe, because it might rain?
What John Says: Must be. Or you’ll kill me. Right?
Shelley: Right.
Shelley and John: Oh Ha! Ha! Ha!
Race Starter: OK everybody. There are 2 routes, a 10K and a 6K. The 10K is on a single track. No walkers or runners with strollers. It’ll take too long to finish.
Shelley: Too bumpy for them. Right?
What John Says: Right.
Race Starter: Ready. Set. Go!

John and Shelley: (Smooch) Good luck!

What John Thinks: That’s funny. The girl who beat me last week, by five minutes, is way behind me. Wonder why?

What Shelley Thinks: That’s funny. The girl who beat me last week, by 10 minutes, is just ahead of me. Wonder why?

What John Thinks: There’s the turn for the 6km. route.
Shelley: There’s the turn for the 6km. route. Tempting, but, I am not from Quittersville.

What John Thinks: Straight up? Great idea.

What Shelley Thinks: STRAIGHT UP!!!!?????  Whose great idea was this?

What John Thinks: More up? Tough, but definitely doable.
What Shelley Thinks: More up? You’re kidding me. This is not a road race. This is a running expedition to the top of a mountain. 

What John Thinks: If I hop over the roots and trees, I think I can keep my pace.

What Shelley Thinks:  Seriously? Seriously. Roots and trees?


What John Thinks: Once the trail widens, I’ll pass those three in front of me and pick up the pace.
What Shelley Thinks: If I can just get a little closer to this guy, I think I can draft off him.

What John Thinks: Feeling good! Nah Nah Nah Nah! Like I know that I would now. So good. Buh. Buh. So good Buh. Buh. Buh. Buh. ….
What Shelley Thinks: @#$%! @#$%! @#$%! @#$%!

What John Thinks: Whew. All down hill from here. Get it? Ha! Ha! Ha!
What Shelley Thinks: @#$%! it. It’s too steep. I’ll walk. Fast. No one will ever know.

What John Thinks: Look out girl in green. I’m going to speed up and catch you.
What Shelley Thinks: Look out. Do not speed up. It’s a trap. There’s more up.

What John Thinks: Caught you. Passed you.
What Shelley Thinks: If a cougar or a bear caught me, I would thank them.

What John Thinks: Thank God. Finally around the end of the lake. Getting really tired. But almost home.
What Shelley Thinks: Why God?

What John Thinks: Huh? The girl in green just passed me back. Oh well. She just had a baby half a year ago. Give it to her.

What Shelley Thinks: Huh? The girl in blue just passed me. WTF?  The guy running with her doesn’t have a bib on. He’s pacing her. Unbelievable. What is this? An Olympic qualifier????? CHEATERSSSS!!!

What John Thinks: Done! What? Only 30 seconds more than last week. It felt good, even with the mountain climb.

What Shelley thinks: @#$%! I bet John’s done… @#$%!  Last week I was done by now. @#$%!

What John Thinks: Where is she?
What Shelley Thinks: Where is the @#$%ing finish line?

What John Thinks: She’s going to kill me.
What Shelley Thinks: I’m. Going. To. Kill. Him.

What John Thinks: Hope she’s OK.
What Shelley Thinks: I am not OK. I have a stitch! No. Make that two stitches! My knee hurts. No. That part’s not true. I have blisters. Also, not true. Didn’t a healthy 21 year old girl drop dead of a heart attack last week? For no reason?

John: Way to go, Shelley! You finished so strong.
Shelley: ……….
John: Here’s some water.

Shelley: ……….
John: Some muffins.
Shelley: ……….
John: Some fruit.
Shelley: ………. 
John: Good thing it didn’t rain, right?
Shelley: ………. 
John: Hey, about next week’s race.
Shelley: ……….
John: Too soon?

Shelley and John


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