Wild Things or Sisters Gone Wild

On our way to watch our nephew, Dan, play lacrosse, we stopped at the 

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse – Saanichton, BC

to check out Andrew and Ash’s wedding venue. 
Our nephew Logan
 We couldn’t possibly leave 
until we sampled 

some ciders. 

Nine of them 
 in all.

We arrived with plenty of time to cheer…
Opposing team’s parents: Let’s go boys! You can do this!

Shelley: Hey! Shannon. Since we’ve been to the Cider House for a cider tasting and don’t care how loud we are, let’s out cheer them.
Shannon: You’re right. I’ll yell “One Two Three” Everyone else you yell, “Blue! Blue! Blue!” Got it?
Everyone: Got it!
Shannon: One! Two! Three!
Everyone: Blue! Blue! Blue! Whoop! Whoop! Yay!

Brother Shenley, Sister-in-law Marina, Husband John, Shelley, Sister Shannon, Nephew Logan, Brother-in-law, Keith

Shelley: Hey! Shannon. There’s Dan. Do you think he sees us?
Shannon and Shelley: Hey Dan! Go Dan! Go get ’em Dan. DAN! YOOHOOOOO!!!!!  YAAAAYYYYY!!!!! DAN!!!!!!!!!!
Shannon: WT? Holy Christ. Did they choose the biggest kid on purpose to be goalie?
Shenley: Not really. He’s smaller than Dan.
Shannon: I think he’s huge. Wait a sec. What’s going on? That goalie’s thingamadooddies are bigger than our goalie’s thingamadooddies!
Shelley: What’s that about? Right Shannon?
Shannon: Right! Whoah! Ouch! Did you just see that? Hey! That can’t be fair! Is that legal, John?
John: I’ve no idea. I don’t know the game.
Shenley: It’s legal.
Shannon:  You’re kidding me. I don’t… Yeouchhhh! Owww! That’s got to hurt. Shenley, what kind of parents are you to let Dan play this game?
Shenley: Did you see the size of Dan?
Everyone: Yayyyy! Blue just scored!! Tied game!!
Shannon: That was wild! Ha! Ha! Ha! I was saving that one. High Five. Yeeeiiikkkes!!!  That guy was just hit on the head. With a stick. Penalty. Hey! REF!! PENALTY!
Marina: He wasn’t hit on the head.
Shannon: Yes he was. I saw him get hit on the head.
Marina: I don’t t think he was hit on the head.
Shelley: Definitely he was hit on the head. Right Shannon?
Shannon: Right. Definitely he was hit on the head. REF! HEY REFFEREE!! YOU NEED TO CALL THAT!!!
Marina: (Whispering) What’s wrong with your sisters?

Shenley: Not much. Just classic Orr sister behaviour when they get together. Sit back and enjoy.
Shannon and Shelley: OMG! Can you imagine what it would have been like if we had those sticks growing up? Brutal!!!
Shannon: Take that! Whack! Bonk!
Shelley: OWWW!!! You just hit me on the head with that stick! Why you little… Whack! Whack! Bonk! Bonk!
Shelley and Shannon: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Opponents’ parents: Yayyy! Goal!! Tied game!
Shelley: Hey Shannon. Time for a cheer.
Shannon: I’ve got this. One! Two! Three!
Shannon: THINGS GONE WILD!!!! 
at the same time as…

Everyone else: Wild! Wild! Wild!

Shelley: Hey Shannon.You changed it.
Shannon: I know. I thought i’d throw it in. Get it?
Shannon and Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shannon: Where did this game come from?

Shenley: The First Nations.
Shannon: Really?
Shenley: Yep. It’s Canada’s National sport.
Shannon: Hmmmm. Must keep that in mind for future reference.
Shannon: Let’s go Bluuueuhhh! Shoot. Shoot! SHOOT!!!!  SHOOT!!!! What’s going on? John, why aren’t they shooting?
John: I have no idea. I don’t know the game.
Shenley: They’re killing the penalty. OK, penalty’s over. They’ll shoot now.
Logan: Auntie Shelley. Mom never cheered like this at my swim meets.
Keith: That’s because this is the perfect venue for your mom to yell all she wants.
Shannon: Isn’t it funny that when I played the drums at that pub, everyone was all bent out of shape. Here everyone loves it.
Shelley: “I” loved you on the drums.
Shannon and Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Shannon: Jesus. What kind of shot is that? John. Why do they keep shooting right at the goalie’s chest?
John: I have no idea. I don’t know the game.
Marina: They’re aiming for the corners.
Shannon: Why don’t they do the bouncy thingy? The bouncy thingy is definitely a better way to score.
Shelley: Hey Shannon. You should text the coach and tell him that.
Shannon: I just might.

Everyone: Goal. Yayyyyy!!!!  We’re winning by one goal!!

Shannon: Wild! Wild! Wild! Hey!??? Referee!!! Nothing wrong with that! John, what was that  whistle for?

John: I have no idea. I don’t know the game.
Shenley: It’s called interference.
Shelley: Hey Shannon. Did you see that?
Shannon: I sure did. HEY!!!! Three whites on one blue.  REF!!! You need to call that. I know that rule. It’s called interference. INTERFERENCE REF!!!
Everyone: 10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 YAYYY!!!!!! WE  WON!!!!!!  ON TO THE FINALS!!!
Shannon: Good thing we won. Otherwise I would have had to go and speak to the ref. about missing that interference call. Boy, If I had known watching lacrosse was so much fun, I would have gone to all of the games.
Gold Medal Winner Dan

Shelley and John


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