What’s the Weather? What’s the Weather? What’s the Weather Like Today?

After a fabulous four day whirlwind visit with the Toronto Orrs, (Youngest brother Spencer, Sister-in-law Jenny, 7 month old Mia, and soon to be 3, Taylor) we are heading back to Vancouver Island. Exhausted. We hadn’t been around babies, for an extended period of time, since our own kids were small. That was over 25 years ago. We had forgotten so much. So, so much.

Taylor: Mommy. Where’s daddy?
Mia: Mwo mwo bahh bahhh….

Jenny: Daddy’s at work.

Jenny: Here’s your freshly ground coffee John. Would you like some homemade banana bread or homemade granola with that? If you guys want anything else for breakfast, help yourself.
Mia: Mwo mwo bahh bahhh….

John: Wow! I’m impressed.
Shelley: WT? Are you kidding me? You have Mia and Taylor,

and Kuma, the dog, and a clean house, and you still have time to bake. What a show off!!!

John: Don’t forget Spencer!

Everyone: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Taylor: (Sings to the tune, “Oh My Darling Clementine”) What’s the weather? WHAT’S THE WEA-THER? WHAT’S THE WEA-THER LIKE TO-DAYYYYY!!!??????

Mia: Mwo mwo bahh bahhh….
Shelley: Isn’t that Kuma in your tomato patch?
Jenny: KUMA!!! Get out of the garden! Now! John, can you please feed Mia?
John: Here Mia. Meeeaahhhhh! Mmmmm!! Doesn’t that look yummy?

Mia: Mwo mwo bahh bahhh….
Taylor: (Still singing, same tune) Is it sun-ny? Is it ho-aht? Is it ra-iny? IS IT SNOW-ING? I HAVE TO PEE!!! 
Jenny: Oh my goodness. Auntie Shelley take you. Quick!
Taylor: Nooooo! Mommy take me.
Mia: Mwo mwo bahh bahhh….
Jenny: Mommy’s getting breakfast.
Taylor: OK. My mommy!
Jenny: Go! Go! Go!
Shelley: Ahhhhhh!!!!! Let’s go! (Scoops, runs, and deposits Taylor on the potty)
Shelley and Taylor: Yayyyy! We made it!!!!
Shelley: Good job Taylor. I’m so proud of you. Mommy is going to be so proud of you. Daddy is going to be so proud of you. Right. Let’s sort you out.
Taylor: Not done Auntie Shelley.
Shelley: No? Oh. Oh no. No. No. No! Let’s wait for mommy. I’m sure she’s almost… Oh my. Oh. My Dear. God. The smell. What did you eat? You said you had to pee. That is not pee. That is definitely not pee. How can one tiny, weeny, little, bitty girl like you do that? It’s not possible. Ak! Ak! Ak!
Taylor: Ha! Ha! Auntie Shelley fun-ny. (Sings) What’s the weather? WHAT’S THE WEA-THER? WHAT’S THE WEA-THER LIKE TO-DAYYYYY!!!??????

Shelley and John


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