Family Games

Last weekend, we celebrated my Birthday.  And in our family, it’s tradition to play a game. I chose “Password.” (Similar to “Taboo.”) Here’s how to play.

1. Players write down names of people, places or things on individual scraps of paper.
2. These are placed in a large bowl located in the middle of the table.
3. Everyone is paired up.
4. Each partner has 45 seconds to describe what’s on his paper. His partner tries to guess.

My Dad: This is too small. I can’t read this. 

Nephew Logan: What colour is it?
Dad: Orange.
Logan: That’s mine. (Whispers) “Halo (not an angel).”
Dad: Not a devil, but an…
Son Matt: Angel!
Dad: Yes. So…
Logan: No Grandpa. That’s a clue. 
Dad: What’s a clue?
Logan: (Whispers) Not an angel.
Dad:  But, you didn’t write “clue” so I said, “Not a devil.”
Logan: I was trying to help you.
Everyone: He was trying to help you!!!
Dad: But, I wasted my…

iPad Timer App: (Elephant trumpeting) Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!

5. If your partner guesses correctly, you take out another scrap and continue. 

Shelley: Yes!! (Opens another scrap) Not boys, but…
Sister Shannon: Girls.
Shelley: Yes! Now for the first word… ahhhh… that time of the month.
Shannon: Period.
Shelley: Along those lines. Hmm…. Grade 9 girls get it. Actually, any woman of any age can get it. They go kind of crazy.
Shannon: Menopause!
Shelley: Also a time for going crazy. But, No. In England they call it “tension.”
Shelley: Come on!!!! You can get this.
Shannon: Jesus Charisssst! I’ve had beer, wine and have a menopausal memory…
Shelley: You get teary, anxious, can’t sleep…
Shelley: Moody, unpredictable…
Shannon: Put that @#$%er back and get a new one.
Everyone: You can’t do that!! That’s cheating!!!
Shannon: Says who? 
Shelley: Everything gets blown out of proportion, you overreact to everything…
Shannon: You can’t make up new rules as you go! No one said…
Shelley: Just slow down and think about it.
Shannon: I don’t @#$%ing know!!! This game is so WAIT!!! MPSing GIRLS!!!!!!!!!”
Shelley: Yes!!!! Who wrote “that?”
Logan:  Heh! Heh! Heh! 

Everyone: Logan!!!!!
Brother-in-law Keith: I’m going to have to take that boy for a car ride.
Logan: Mom, you didn’t say it right.  It’s “PMSing Girls!!!” 
Shannon: Whatever. Shelley guessed the letters. We’re taking it.
Logan: But…
Shannon: We’re taking it.

iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!

6. You can’t say the word or part of the word when giving clues.

Shannon:  Correct. (Opens another scrap) Princess.
Shelley: Cinderella.
Shannon: No. Princess dressed in white.
Shelley: Snow White.
Shannon: YES!!!
Everyone: You said the word!!!! End of turn!!!!
Shannon: We’re taking it. I forgot that rule. Menopause. Next.
Everyone: But…
Shannon: Next.

iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!
7. If clues are incorrect, but your partner guesses correctly, you keep playing.
Logan: It’s a name used for seat belts before I was born.
My Mom: Safety belts.
Logan: No. A really really long time ago.
Logan: OK. How about this? Another word for automobile.
Mom: Car?
Logan: Yes and when you clip it it in, you clip it into a…
Mom: Car buckle?
Logan: YESSSS!!!!!!!
Mom: Can I see that? That says carbunkle. 
Logan: What the heck is that?
Mom: Like a big sore on your butt.
Everyone: Euhhhhhh!!! Who wrote that? 
Mom: Hee! Hee! Hee!

iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!


8. You cannot show the word to your partner. That’s cheating.

Dad: Laid back. 
Son Matt: Laid back, sipping on gin and juice. Chill lime juice. Chevy Cavalier.
Dad: Yes!! 
Everyone: Holy cow! Matt’s good!!
Dad: (Opens another scrap) Night.
Matt: Uh, Grandpa. You’re showing me the…
Shannon: Waahhhhaaatttt??? Are you #%^$ing kidding me? Everyone can read that! You are so cheating. Last round you kept a scrap of paper in your hand to use for the next time.
Dad: I never cheated. I didn’t know that I did that. Here, I’ll just get another piece of paper.
Everyone: OMG. Cheater!
Dad: Hey, I wasn’t cheating. I…
Shelley: Dad! Some advice. If you’re going to cheat, don’t get caught. 
Everyone: Ha! Ha! Ha!
iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!
9. In round 2 you only use one word for a clue.
Keith: Ca Chick Paskshoooooooo!!
Husband John: “Back to the Future!”
Keith: Yes! 
Matt: WHAT???? You used “flux capacitor” sounds and dad got “Back to the Future?” 
Keith: Heh! Heh! Heh!
Everyone: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Keith: (Opens another scrap) Ohnooooahhhhhhh….
John: PMSing Girls!!!!
Keith: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!
Everyone: WHAT???!!!!
iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!

10. Also in round 2, as in round 1, you may not act out the word. 
Mom: Bram.
Logan: Bram?
Mom: Bram.
Logan: Bram? What is this Bram? Is it a thing?
Mom: Bram.
Logan: A place?
Mom: Bram.
Logan: A person?
Mom: Bram.

Mom: (Shows teeth) Bram.
Logan: A monkey?
Mom: (Pretends to bite Matt’s neck)… 
Matt: Euuhhhhh. Grandma!! Don’t touch me! 
Logan: A hungry person?
Shelley: Does anyone else see mom biting Matt’s neck?
Mom: Hee! Hee! Hee!
Everyone: You can’t act out the word!
Logan: I still don’t get it.
Mom: It’s Dracula.
Logan: Dracula? 
Everyone: You can’t say the word!!!
iPad Timer App: Ahrunnnngghhhhhh!!!!!
Mom: It doesn’t matter now. The elephant trumpeted.
Everyone: It does matter. You said “Dracula.”
Logan: Dracula? What does a Bram have to do with Dracula?
Mom: Who knew what Bram was.
Everyone: I did. I didn’t. What is Bram? How did you…
Matt: Oh for @#$%’s sake. I’m downloading the “Password” App. for 95 cents.
It’s Keith’s Birthday next week. Can’t wait to see what game he’ll choose.
Shelley and John



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