Tips on How to Catch Salmon – Guaranteed

The village of Sayward is located on Vancouver Island. Once a booming logging community, the sleepy town of 410 currently attracts outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, kayakers, and fishermen. The purpose of our visit was to catch salmon. Yes, the pinks were running. Everyone was catching them. EVERYONE.

 First evening, while walking to the dock…

Shelley: We’re allowed 4 pinks each, per day. Holy crap. That’s 12 salmon. Do we have enough room in the freezer?
John: We’ll have to buy ice for the cooler.
Shelley: Good idea. What about tomorrow we invite Shenley (brother) to join us. He’ll love this.
John: And, we’ll invite your mom and dad for dinner.
Shelley: A “salmon” dinner.
Shelley and John: Yeah baby!
Matt: Wow. You guys are really confident.
Shelley and John: Look. Everyone is catching them. We’re going to do the same. Guaranteed.

Shelley: Hey there. Can we join you?

Local woman #1: Plenty of room.
Shelley: Good idea to wear that life jacket.
Local woman #1: I always wear my life jacket because a few years back I fell off the dock.
Shelley: Was it cold? 
Local woman #1: It was when I sobered up.
Shelley, John, Matthew and Local woman #1: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: I’ve got one. Shoot. It got away. Oh well. There’s plenty left in the sea. Ha! Ha! Ha!
John: Yes! Caught one. Ahhh. Got away. No worries. I’ll just cast again. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Repeat above. Again. And again. And again. Annndddd again…
Local man #1: Here. Take this pink Buzz Bomb. I caught all my pinks with that last year. The three pronged hook is so big, no way they’ll get away. Guaranteed.

Shelley: Really? Thanks so much. Can I pay you for it?
Local man #1: Wouldn’t hear of it. 
Shelley: Yesssss!!! Got another one. It’s staying on the line. OK. OK! OK!!!! SOMEONE GET THE NET!!! GET THE NET!!!
Local woman #1: I’ve got the net. Reel it in towards the dock. No. Don’t back up. It’ll cut your line. Keep the tension. KEEP THE TENSION!!!!!
Shelley: Don’t lose it. Please don’t lose it. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! …  That’s 3 I’ve lost. I’m going up to make supper. 
John: Got another one! This one is not going to get away. Not this time! Come on you son of a @#$%!  Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!That’s 4.  I’m going up to start the barbeque.
Matt: Not even a nibble…. I’m going up to read.
Morning of day 2…

Shelley, Matt, John: It’s just gorgeous. Today is our day. I can feel it. Let’s do it Smiths.
Matt: Sorry, I just broke the tip off the rod…
John: Just lost my lure.

Early afternoon of day 2…

Matt: Yess! Jesus. Finally! Got one! Get the net. Get the net!! WT? It’s charging the dock. It’s jumping! It lost the hook. Nooooooo!!!!!  I can’t even swear because of all these kids around me.

Late afternoon of day 3…

Shelley: (Mutters) @#$%! My last buzz bomb just flew off the end of the line… That’s it. I’m done.
Local woman #2 (mother of all those kids): If it makes you feel any better, it sure went far.
Shelley: Thanks.
Local woman #2 (mother of all those kids): My husband can give you one. He always carries extras.
John: Here’s 5 bucks for one.
Husband of Woman #2: You’ll catch one with this buzz bomb. Guaranteed.

Shelley: Waahhhhaaaatttttt?  There goes my second lure. OMG. I’m sooooo done. I’ll just sit here and watch.
Local woman #2 (mother of all those kids): My husband can give you another one. Honey?
John: All I’ve got is a 10.
Husband of Woman #2: Are you sure? That’s too much. I shouldn’t take that. But thanks. For $10 bucks I’ll tie it on for you. It won’t come off this time. Guaranteed.
John: (But you have my $5 bucks in your pocket. They’re only worth $4. Give me my change.) Thanks.
John, Shelley, Matt: OK Smiths. Don’t get discouraged. Where there’s light there’s hope. Let’s give it one more hour. We can do this. Smiths don’t quit!
John: Yes. Yes! YESSSSSS!!!!! GET THE NET!!! GET THE NET!!!!
Matt: I’ve got it Got it. Bring it in. Keep the tension.
Local Woman #2: Easy now. Keep the fish in the water until you scoop with the net.
Shelley: Come on. You can do it!
John, Shelley, Matt:  Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!! High five! We’ve got one! Look at it! It’s a beauty!!!! Quick. Back to your spots.

Matt: Yess! Caught another one! Get the net. Get the net!! GET THE NET!!!!!! 
Local woman #1: I’ve got the net. Reel it in towards the dock. Don’t back up. It’ll cut your line. Keep the tension. KEEP THE TENSION!!!!!

Matt: Hey! The fish changed direction. It’s charging the fishing boat!!! Don’t jump. Don’t jump. Don’t you dare jump!!!! Nooooooo!!!!! …Where did the lure go? Oh. No. It’s wrapped itself around the pylon. I’m going to have to cut the line and lose the lure… And I still can’t swear because those kids haven’t left… I‘m going up to read.

Shelley: OK. OK. Here we go. Here we freakin’ go!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My $10 lure just flew off… That’s it. I can’t afford to fish any more.  I’m going up to drink wine and get the salmon ready.
John: Are you OK?
Shelley: I’m fine.
John: OK if I stay a little longer?
Shelley: Fine.
John: I’ll just cast a few more times.
Shelley: Fine.

Matt: Mom. I know just the thing to make you feel better. Guaranteed.

We’ll be back. Guaranteed.
Shelley and John
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2 thoughts on “Tips on How to Catch Salmon – Guaranteed

  1. I love to "catch" fish. They are for sale at our local Fred Meyer!But they taste so good just fresh out of the water. And you appreciate them when they cost $$$$ in lures and time. Love it!bhttp://www.retireinstyleblog


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