Summer 2012, August 23rd Officially ended at 12:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Summer  2012, August 22nd 6:30 PM….
My 25 year old son, Andrew: Matt, what was your favourite part of the summer?
My 27 year old son, Matt: Hmmmm. Definitely spending time with mom and dad,



the relatives, Ash,

Daughter-in-law Ash, Andrew, Matt and friend Beth

my friends… That’s about it. Did I forget anyone? No. That’s it.

Andrew: What a D!@#!
Matt: Just playing with you. Of course, you, Little B, I’m going to miss you. What about you?

Andrew: Beating you in Frolf.
Matt: What a D@#$!
Andrew: You know Matt, seeing as you are going to Kuwait, don’t you think that you should write a will?
Matt: Grandpa said there’s no point. I don’t have enough money.
Andrew: You must have a little. Who will you leave it to?
Matt: For the record, I’m going to leave it all to Jon Wolsley.
Andrew: What a D@#$!
Matt: Andrew. I’m kidding. I’m going to leave it all the money to you. But, only if you use all of it towards Crime Avenger training. 
Andrew: Really?
Matt: Yes. Every last penny must be used to reach the highest possible level a Crime Avenger can reach. Once you reach Superior Avenger status, you must avenge my death.
Andrew: What if I give some to my kids?
Matt: You don’t have any kids.
Andrew: But, what if I did? 
Matt: You don ‘t have any.
Andrew: But,I might.
Matt: Jesus. Fine. As long as they use the money to become Crime Avengers and assist you in avenging my death.
John: Can we please talk about something else? Matt is not going to die in Kuwait. Right Shelley?
Shelley: Muwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Andrew: Dad. Relax. Mom and I go through the account numbers and passwords every time you go away.
Shelley: Muwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Andrew, Matt, John: Please stop crying! There’s almost 20 hours left.
Summer  2012, August 23rd. 11:30 A.M….
Andrew: How are we going to do this? Drop off Matt and then head out right away?
Shelley: Nooooo…Muwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Matt: Mom. Don’t do that. I’ll see you in 5 months. 
Shelley: Nooooo…Muwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Andrew: Yeah, Ma. Don’t cry. You’ll still have your favourite son here and I’m not leaving for at least another 4 hours. And even then, I’m only 2 hours away.
Matt: What a D@#$!
John: Enough! We are going into the Airport. We are going to help Matt check in, and we are going to sit down at the Cafe to wait for his boarding call. 
Summer  2012, August 23rd. 12:00 PM….
John: Passport?
Matt: Check.
John: Money?
Matt: Check.
John: Boarding pass?
Matt: Check. Dad, I’ve travelled on my own before.
John: I know. I know. It’s just that being around planes makes me nervous. Let me see what seat you have.
Matt: I hope it’s by the window.
John: Of course it is. The plane is so small, there’s only one seat on each side. It’s a propeller plane.
Matt: WHAT?????? 

Andrew: So, one more time. If you die, I am meant to use all the money to avenge your death?

Matt: Exactly. 
Andrew: OK. What are your account numbers?
John: Can we please talk about something else?
Shelley: Not to worry. I have them. Ohhhhh! What am I saying? Muwahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
John: Jesus Christ Shelley. All of you. Enough!
Summer  2012, August 23rd. 12:15 PM….
Matt: Bye dad. Thanks for a great summer. 
John: Bye. Have fun. Call us when you get to Vancouver. 
Matt: Dad, that’s in 40 minutes time. What in the world would we talk about?
Andrew: Bye bro. Don’t worry, I’ll avenge your death… (Whispers as he hugs Matt) as Batman.

Matt: (Whispers as he hugs Andrew) But!!!!  ….You D@#$!!!
Shelley: (Hugs Matt) Muwahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 
Matt: (Hugs ShelleyMom. Stop crying.
Shelley: I’m not. Ohhhhh Muwahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
John: Enough. Go through security for the love of God. 
John, Shelley, Andrew, Matt: Love you!!!!
Matt: Summer 2012 is officially over! 

Shelley and John
PS: I guessed at the whispering. Was I close boys??
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