Fifty Shades of Grey Online Quiz

The Romance Shop in Courtenay, BC, Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines, TV and radio chat shows

etc. etc. have all covered the viral novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone has voiced an opinion. Everyone!  (Even me!) And there’s the rub. I am thinking that many of those “Opinionistas” have entered these discussions without actually having read the book.  So, I have put together this short but effective online quiz to separate the pretenders from the contenders.

(Kidding. Anyone can take this. Even those who have never read the book.) 

Let me know how you did.

Multiple Choice: Circle the best answer.

1)  Poor, innocent, submissive Ana my butt. She had a choice. She coulda, woulda, shoulda had sex with

a)  Jose Rodriquez (Creepy guy who left her puking outside with a stranger)
b)  Paul Clayton ( Creepy son of the boss who keeps stalking her in the store)
c)  Taylor (See question 5)
d) All of the above.
2) The “Red Room of Pain” or the “Play Room” would not be shown on HGTV’s show “Million Dollar Rooms” because
a) only reds and blacks are used from the colour wheel. At least three dominant colours are required.
b) there are no diverse textures used such as woven materials or natural stone.
c) there is no natural light. 
d) All of the above.
3) Ana’s Sub Dom experiences include
a) hands bound with Christian’s grey tie, 18 spanks, hands and ankles being shackled, various uses of the riding crop, 
b) hands tied with a cable,  being flogged,
c) being struck with a belt six times.
d) All of the above. WTF?? Yeeoouuuchhhhh!!!


4)  The following statement is true.

a) Ana is a Ho.
b) Christian’s biological mom is a Crack Ho.
c) Ana’s mom is a Ho.
d) All of the above.
5) Taylor should not be trusted, because he is obviously

a)ghost who always appears out of thin air.
b)peeping Tom.
c) a creepy freakin’ pervert who hardly talks. Never trust the strong silent types!
d) All of the above.

6) The word “Profligate” is used once in Fifty Shades of Grey, as opposed to “crap” and “holy crap” which were used, oh, at least fifty times. Profligate means

a) recklessly extravagant.
b) widely wasteful.
c) crap or holy crap.
d) All of the above.

7) Christian’s Dominant of six years was
a) The original Mrs. Robinson.
b) Taylor.
c) Mrs. Jones, Christian’s house keeper.
d) All of the above.
8) Ana, not Christian, is clearly the one who is Fifty Shades of Grey f#$%ed up, because
a) as a “poor” university student, she wastefully dunks her tea bag only once in the water before removing it. Also, to my knowledge, she never reuses it!
b) vomits, then vomits again and again margaritas and beer on someone’s beautifully tended flowers. 
c) she regularly has silent conversations with the two voices in her head, (her sub conscious and her inner Goddess).
d) All of the above.
9) Come on, unlike the despicable Mr. Darcy, Christian is not the bad guy, because
a) he played a sad song, on the piano, in his pj bottoms, in total darkness, in his penthouse, after sex.
b) he DID NOT have sex with Ana when she passed out. Instead he brought her back to his Hotel, not her apartmentundressed her and despite great mental discomfort and duress, he only actually slept beside her.
c) he never let her pay. Ever!
d) All of the above.


10) Which of the following crazy expensive stuff should Ana NOT give back?
a) Christian’s underwear and jacket.
b) The very old, expensive first edition books, the MacBook Pro and the Blackberry.

c) Who cares, as long as it’s not the red hatchback two door Audi.

d) All of the above.

Part C:  Essay  – Value: 1 point per word.
Write a 500 word Persuasive essay using the following statement.
“Christian should have given Ana a helicopter.”

Answer key:
Multiple Choice Answers are all d)

Let me know how you did, and as always don’t forget to comment, become a follower, and share!

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