Hey Floridians! We’re not Going to Take it!

Shelley: There’s one. Right there.
John: See it.

Shelley: F@@@@#####$$$$$$ OFFFFF!!!! 
John: F@@@@#####$$$$$$ YOUUUUUU!!!! Why don’t you get off your F@#$ing cell phone? That’s illegal, you know!
Shelley: Watch this. I’m going to stare her down in the rear view mirror. 

Yah! How’s that working for you? Bet you wished you could take your honk back now. Whhhhaat? I showed her, right, John?
John: You sure did, baby.
HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!! 

Shelley: Are you kidding me? 
John: For F@#$”s sake. Do you want me to drive over top this guy? He’s trying to back out??? 
HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!! HONK!!!!! 
Shelley: Really? Do you think you can do this any quicker? Huh? 
John: HUH!!???
Shelley: HUH!!???
Shelley: That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m going to get out of this car and give her a piece of my mind.
John: (Flips woman off as she speeds by.) Too late. You missed your chance.
Shelley: Can you believe how rude these drivers are? And to think I thought Californian drivers were bad. http://honeydidyouseethat.blogspot.ca/2011/11/fear.html
John: I know. You don’t turn fast enough, 


You stop at a pedestrian crossing,
You let someone in, 
You don’t tailgate at 70 miles per hour,

You don’t hit the biker fast enough, 
Shelley and John: HONK!!!!!

Shelley: Hey. There she is waiting by the elevator. Ha! All that honking for nothing. Ha! Ha! Serves her right. Watch this.


John: Take that Floridian!
Shelley: Wait. Is that a word? 
John: Not important. What is important is that we Smiths are no longer intimidated by these crazy ass honkers. We will not cower in our car quivering with stress when some impatient Floridian honks at us. 
Shelley: Hey Florida! 
Shelley and John: We’re not going to take it! Arrrrrghhhhh!


Shelley: (Whispers) What’s happening to us?

Shelley and John


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