So There We Were, Just Starting to Watch “I Am Number Four” and…


What’s this called?

DreamWorks Pictures

DreamWorks Pictures

John: “I Am Number Four.”

Mom: Is this a Comedy?

John: No.

Mom: But I like Comedies. What’s it about?

Dad: Val, how are we supposed to know? We haven’t seen it.

Mom: Is he speaking english?

Shelley: Yes.

Mom: Well, I can’t understand him.

John: Definitely english.

Mom: What did he just say?

Shelley, John, Dad:


Shelley: He said, “You are Number Three.”

Mom: What does that mean? Why did he kill him?


Shelley: Hang on. Wait for a break in the dialogue. I’ll tell you.

Mom: What about that guy? Is he a bad guy?

Shelley: No.

Mom: He absolutely looks like a bad guy. Why’s his leg lighting up? Is it on fire? 

Shelley: It’s because…

Mom: Is he dying?

Shelley: No.

Mom: Well, I think he’s dying. I don’t like movies where people die. I like Comedies.

Shelley: OK. He’s from another planet that was invaded by baddies. Just before the planet exploded the Elders put nine small children and nine Guardians on a spaceship and sent them to…

Dad: Hey that’s Florida. That is definitely Florida.

Mom: Why are they leaving Florida?

Shelley: earth. They have to grow up and try not to be killed by the Mogadorians.


Mom: That lizard is bad. That lizard is definitely bad. Right? Have you seen this before Shelley?

Shelley: No, but I’ve read the book.

Mom: What’s happening now? I don’t understand what’s happening or what they’re saying.

Shelley: If I tell you any more, I’ll ruin it for you.

Mom: It doesn’t matter. I won’t remember anyway. But, next movie definitely has to be a Comedy like…. ummmmmm…. Oh S@#$! I don’t remember. See?


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Shelley and John

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