Hey Jay Leno, Sweet Pie is Ready


DSCN0117 DSCN0118DSCN0124DSCN0125Photo FriendlythongsDSCN0119 DSCN0121Oh come on! It’s not like I didn’t throw enough hints at you.

Allow me to introduce Paul Winer, aka Sweet Pie, the very nude owner of the OASIS BOOK STORE. Although Paul and his store, attract thousands of tourists and readers  each year, he struggles to make ends meet. I asked him if it was because of the e-books.

“They didn’t make a difference. I knew it would be hard to make a living selling second-hand books when I opened this place 21 years ago. And it has been. I barely break even. With the mortgage payments, I don’t. That’s why I went back on stage, at Salisbury Beach Festival. The hall had a capacity for 800. I played to 1000. Standing room only.” (Not Verbatim)

Armed with my new Yucca stick and Sweet Pie’s CD,



(No books. I have a Kindle. Shhhhhh!.) I decided to research this unique,quirky man.

According to Chris Epting’s Article, Naked Pianist Proud of His Organ, Paul has always been a nudist, as cloth touching his skin makes him uncomfortable. Influenced by Fats Domino, at a young age, he began playing the piano and singing “Boogie-Woogie.” In the early 70‘s, Sweet Pie toured as,

“Sweet Pie — the Naked Boogie-Woogie Piano Player”


and you need to sit down for this,


Jay Leno. 

Yes, that Jay Leno from “The Tonight Show.” Honouring a request by his daughter, Celia, for a more normal life, Sweet Pie retired and Paul moved his family to Quartzsite  in 1972. (There’s irony for you.)

Chris Epting continued to write, “that some customers got to talking with Winer and told him they were on their way to visit their friend — Jay Leno. Winer gave them a note to deliver to his old pal.” Jay Leno called the next day, inviting Sweet Pie to play on “The Tonight Show” as soon as Paul felt ready. Sweet Pie is ready, but here’s the kicker,

Sweet Pie can’t return Jay’s call, because Sweet Pie does not have Jay’s phone number and, surprise, Jay’s phone number is unlisted. 

How cruel is that?

On March 12th, Sweet Pie is giving a “THANKYOU BENEFIT CONCERT.” 100% of the door will go to the QIA. (A non- profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the Quartzsite Community.)

Unfortunately John and I will miss the concert, but we are going to show Sweet Pie our support by contacting Jay on:

Twitter (After I figure out how to use it, that is. )


and his official Website

and give him this message,

Hey Jay Leno, Sweet Pie is ready.

Sweet Pie Singing the Blues

You never know. Have a great weekend.

Shelley and John

Update: Twitter – Check

              Jay’s Facebook – Check

              Jay’s Official Tonight Show Website – Check

10 thoughts on “Hey Jay Leno, Sweet Pie is Ready

  1. That’s awesome! I always wonder what the draw to Quartzite is every time I pass by going to and from AZ. In fact, I passed by Wednesday evening! I thank you for sharing, I’ll consider Quartzite checked off my bucket list now!


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