Do You Come Here Often?

Daily Prompt: Silver Screen




Shelley: I was having so much fun, but now my heart is racing.

John: This was your idea.

Shelley: I know. I know. But now it doesn’t seem like such a good one. Let’s go.

John: No. We came this far. There’s no turning back. (Turning to the 3 Gentlemen.) Hey there. Do you come here often?

Gentleman #1: 12 years.

Gentleman #2: 2 for me.

Gentleman #3: 2.

Shelley: This is our first time.

John: And you’re happy with everything?

All 3 Gentleman:  Every time we walk out of here, we have smiles on our faces.

Shelley: I can’t breathe.

Gentleman #1: Don’t be nervous.

Shelley: I’m not nervous. I’m terrified.

Gentleman #2: You need to relax.

Shelley: Oh God. I’m sweating. It’s worse than a hot flash.

Gentleman #3: It’s a piece of cake. No problem.

Shelley: Remember John, you said you would go first.

Veronica: Shelley or John Smith. Doesn’t matter who’s first.

Shelley: John. John Smith is first. Stop! Honey! Promise me you’ll tell me everything she does to you when you come back. Just promise.

John: I promise.

Shelley: I think I’m going to be sick. We shouldn’t have had lunch first.


Gentlemen #1: Now don’t you worry about him.

Gentleman#2: Veronica’s going to take real good care of him.

Gentleman #3: Why she’s the boss.

All 3 Gentlemen: She’s the best. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch me. No sireee. Guaranteed he’ll be 100% satisfied.

Shelley: That’s it. I’m going in.

All 3 Gentlemen: That might not be a good idea. Veronica doesn’t like people watching.

Shelley: I don’t care. I have to. I need to watch.

Veronica and John

Veronica and John

Not Veronica

Not Veronica

We visited Los Algodones, Mexico last year. Check out my blog, “Snowbirds in Los Algodones.”
Shelley and John

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