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Mom: I wonder how much it costs to camp here?

John:  Lake Perris costs 45 dollars per night.

Mom: Are there any discounts?

John: No discounts.

Mom: Really?

John: Really.

Dad: What about if you’re a member of BCAA?

John: No.

Shelley: Thousand Trails?

John: Nope.

Mom: Outdoor World?

John: Aaaaannnnnd “No.”

Dad: Encore?

John: Still a “No.”

Shelley: RPI?

John: Not even RPI.

Mom: Coast to Coast?

John: Dear God. No.

Dad: Enjoy America?

John: No!

Mom: My Two for Ones book?

Dad: My Canadian National Parks Seasonal Pass?

Shelley: My Library Card?

Everyone but John: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! 


Shelley: So, “No” to  my American Camp Association Membership???

John: That’s it. I’m not answering any more questions. I’m done.

Mom: What about a Senior Discount? There has to be a Senior Discount.

John: Not answering.

Mom: Did you ask?

John: Of course I asked.

Mom: That’s unbelievable.

John: UnF@#$ingbelievable!!!!

Mom: But…

John: Here’s the brochure. See for yourself.

Mom: Ah! Ha! Says right here that Seniors get 2 dollars off. That’s definitely a discount. I knew there had to be a discount.

John: But did you know that no Senior ever gets out alive?

Shelley: Basil!

John: Oh! Oh, I see!…It’s my fault, is it?…Oh, of course, there I was thinking it was your fault for winding me up, when all the time it was _my_ fault! Oh, it’s so obvious now, I’ve seen the light! Ah well, I must be punished then, mustn’t I? (slaps his bottom) You’re a naughty boy Fawlty, don’t do it again!

Shelley: BASIL FAWLTY!!!! You know what I’ll do if you’re not nice.

John: You’d have to sew ’em back on first.


Shelley and John

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And of course a huge shout out to “Fawlty Towers.”  What would we do without F

18 thoughts on “UnF@#$ingbelievable

  1. OK, so not knowing where Lake Perris was I googled it on Bing. Well anyway I then realised your lives could be in danger from something called Goldspotted Oak Borer, so I googled that on Yahoo. Bloody relief that was too. At least you won’t get crabs just eaten by beetles.
    Phew. Now y’all go enjoy yourselves.

    “What will they do next FRed(tm) talk to animals?”


  2. UnF@#$ingbelievablly funny post and a great insight into Shelley. I could just hear John’s voice in my head but now I know where Shelley got that from.


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