Many, many years ago…

Grade 4,5, and 6 Report Card for Shelley Orr

Evaluation Excellent Good Average Poor Notes
Reading, Writing A  
Science A
Math               A
PE, Sportsmanship X

Mom and Dad: What does the “X” mean in the Sportsmanship Category?

Grade 4,5, and 6, Shelley: Excellent.

Mom and Dad: Well then, this is a fabulous report card. Congratulations.

Shelley: Thank you.

Present day in sunny Hemet, California….

IMG790 IMG791 IMG792

a slightly older Shelley and her husband, John are playing tennis….


Shelley: Nice shot.

Shelley: Nicely played.

Shelley: It’s good. It was on the line.

Shelley: Your slice is sure working today.

Shelley: Thought I had you there. Great hustle. 

Shelley: Wow! You can’t miss. Good for you.

Shelley: Whoopsie! 

Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! There must be something wrong with my racquet.

Shelley: Jeesshhhh. I’m not even giving you a game here.

Shelley: Four to two? Already? No. No. Let’s play some more. Of course I’m OK.

Shelley: Oh! Oh!  Merry Christmas.

Shelley: You’re welcome.

Shelley: You even had hang time when you jumped and smashed the ball. That’s impressive.

Shelley: Don’t be silly. I’m having a great time. (Muttering) Best time,ever.


Shelley: Sharp cross court. Awesome.


Shelley: Bam! And that’s what happens when I serve to your forehand.

Shelley: It was out? OK…  Excellent.

Shelley: Achhh! I can’t buy a point.

Shelley: Very smart hitting to my backhand.

Shelley: What is wrong with my backhand?


Day Shelley: And you hit to my backhand again.

Shelley: And again.

 Shelley: Annnnndd againnnnn…

Shelley: G@d D@#n it! My F@#$ing backhand SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKSSSS!!!!!!!! I don’t blame you for hitting to it. Even I would hit to it.


Shelley: Sorry. I didn’t mean to hit the ball over the fence. Sorry.IMG785Shelley: Yaaayyyyy! I’m on the board. IMG783Shelley: That’s game, set, and match? Congratulations.

Shelley: Gawwwddd! I need to work on my serve… my backhand... my foot work…. buy a new racquet... Can you think of anything else?

John: Not a thing, dear.

Shelley and John


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