Take a Picture! Take a Picture!

Daily Prompt: S/he Said The prompt that defines the Smiths.
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Shelley: Just think, two days ago, we were in The Valley of Fire and now we’re on a mountain pass in Oregon. Holy S@#t!!! It’s snowing. Take a picture. Can you believe this? Take a picture!!!

John: S@#t!!! It’s sticking. That means it’s slippery. Be careful. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Maybe we should stop.

Shelley: We’re fine. Take a picture.

John: We are not fine. We need to turn around. 

Shelley: Tomorrow’s forecast calls for stronger winds and snow storms on these passes. No way are we driving over these again. You need to stop worrying and take a picture. Please.

John: Let me get this straight, what I need to do more than anything else in the world, right now, is stop worrying about slippery, snowy roads, despite you having a 24 foot house attached to your butt and take a picture? 

Shelley: Yes. Quick! Before it stops snowing.

John: Fine, I’ll stop worrying about the road, but for the record, I am worried about you. This “take a picture” thing is out of control. You pick the most bizarre times to take a picture. Maybe you need to… One sec…. Hello? Hello, my wife and I are traveling in a fifth wheel and wonder if you have any room for tonight?… No problem, you can put me on hold.

Shelley: What are you doing?

John: I’m booking us a campsite for tonight.

Shelley: Now?

John: Now. It’s called planning ahead.

Shelley: I really appreciate that, but I thought you were worried.

John: You just told me not to worry.  

Shelley: I did, but I didn’t mean for you to stop taking an interest in the road.  It’s snowing for God sakes.

John: You’re killing me. Just tell me what you want?

Shelley: I want you to…

John: Hold that thought. Hello? Hello? Two people. One night. No petsWhat the??? What are you doing?

Shelley: Taking a picture. No one will believe us, if we don’t get one.

John: Jesus Christ!! Shelley! Not while you’re driving. Stop! STOP!!! I’ll take it. But first, let me book a campsite for tonight. It could be full and then what would we do?

Shelley: What are you talking about? We haven’t seen an RV for hours. And the nearest town is over two hours away. What’s the rush? By the time you make the reservation, it’ll be too late. All I want you to to do is take a picture.

John And I will, as soon as I….Thank you. There. We’re booked in for the night. You’re welcome, John. Now I can check that off my list. You know how I love to do that. There.


Shelley: Let me have a look…. Oh… After all that, you can’t even see the snow….



Shelley and John: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: We’re so different. How have we managed to stay married for over 32 years?

John: I have no idea.

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Shelley and John

16 thoughts on “Take a Picture! Take a Picture!

  1. Can’t help but be inspired by you guys. Wish I could be as forgiving and considerate……..mind you, I’ve been at this married life a little longer than you 2 !!!!


  2. You beat us by two years. As the late Larry Hagman once meant to say when asked the secret to a successful long term marriage “separate bathrooms”.


    • Ha! Ha! I forgot about that post. Sadly nothing has changed. Will be back to have a read your posts once the dust settles around here. First day without wedding company in three weeks. OMG!


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