If you put Your Mind to it, Anything is Possible

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John: Honey, you’ve been in the tub for over an hour. Don’t you think it’s time to get out?

Shelley: No. I’m still cold.

John: I know what will warm you up. Heh! Heh! Heh!

Shelley: Nice. God, I miss being on the road, being warm, the sun,…  Blahhhhhh! If you bring me a glass of wine, that might help. Check that. Bring me the bottle. 


John: Shelley, you’ve got to snap out of this.

Shelley: I know, but how?

John: We’ll start volunteering again at Habitat for Humanity. We’ll buy a Comox Gym Pass to train out of the rain for our road races. We’ll join a frisbee team, so we can have more than one friend in the Valley.

Shelley: One friend… how sad is that?

John: Don’t forget we’re going to install a tile backsplash in the kitchen. You know how much you love to fix up the townhouse, my little HGTV woman, you. (Home and Garden TV)

Shelley: I guess…

John: And we’re going to do the tiling all by ourselves.

Shelley: But we’ve never installed a tile backsplash before.

John: Doesn’t matter. We’ll learn as we go.

Shelley: John, we are not going to “learn as we go” on my kitchen.

John: I’ll YouTube it.

Shelley: YouTube it all you want. We’re getting help.

John: Tell you what,  I’m installing it all by myself. If you think you need help, you can get help.

Shelley: Tell you what, you install it by yourself and I’ll get help from Shenley (my brother).

John: … Fine. You win. But I’m installing the Garburator all by myself.

Shelley: Doesn’t that involve electricity?

John: Yes. So?

Shelley: Not happening.

John: Jesus Christ Shelley! What is wrong with you? You never think I can do anything.

Shelley: Of course I do… But, the last time we played electricians with the bathroom lighting, we almost burnt the house down.

John: Dear God, you Orrs (My family) love to exaggerate. It was a little zap followed by a little fire. Your mother, The Fire Starter, would have been ashamed by how small it was.


“If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”

Shelley: Come on. Do you really believe, “If you put your mind to it,” it’s possible to install a tiled backsplash without any experience?

John: Yes.

Shelley: And a Garburator, it’s possible to install that too?

John: Absolutely.

Shelley: Just like that?

John: Just like that.

Shelley: You’re kidding?

John: Not at all.

Shelley: And this applies to everything?

John: Everything.

Shelley: No matter what?

John: No matter what.

Shelley:… Forget the wine, pass me the phone.

John: Why?

Shelley: I’m calling Comox Air Base. I’ve always wanted to fly one of those Snowbirds. And maybe, just maybe, if I really “put my mind to it,” it’s possible I’ll be ready in time for their August Show. 



John and Shelley

12 thoughts on “If you put Your Mind to it, Anything is Possible

  1. We – still FRed(tm) and I – thank the Gods that you don’t fly one of those pictured aircraft with a camperVan the size of a small country attached to the back. You’d spill the cutlery and everything. Orf now to find a therapisst.


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