Hush Little Baby

Three runners


While staying at Andrew (my son’s) and Ash’s in Vancouver, the discussion eventually rolled around to their upcoming wedding celebration

Ash: So, after Andrew and I finish the first dance, my dad and I’ll dance to the Winnie the Pooh song, “Return to Pooh Corner.” He used to play his guitar and sing it to me as I fell asleep.


Shelley: Awwwww…… That is seriously sweet.

Andrew: Mom, we have to choose a song for our mother-son dance.

Shelley: Oh.

Andrew: What song should we pick?


Andrew: Mom?

Shelley: I’m trying to think of a song I used to sing to you, while playing my guitar.

John: Shelley, you never played the guitar.

Shelley: But I wanted to. That should count.

Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: Hmmmmm…..  I can’t think of any particular one. There were sooo many…  Hmmmm…… Help me John.

Andrew asleep

John: Honey, I don’t think you had a song. And Andrew, the way your mom sings, you should be grateful.


Shelley: Ha! Jesus. I must have sang him something.

Ash: It doesn’t have to be something you sang to Andrew, it can be a song you both like.

Andrew: It’s OK mom. How about Vindaloo? We both loved that song. (Plays it) Ash, what do you think?

Ashly: What is that?

John: An English Football song.

Andrew, Shelley, John: 

Na na na (na na) Na na na (na na)
Na na na (na na) na na na na
We’re England!
We’re gonna score one more than you


Ash: (Screws up her face.)

Andrew: Didn’t think so.

Shelley: I’ve got it. (Sings) Itsy bitsy spider went up the garden spout. Along came the rain and…


Andrew: I don’t think we can dance to that.

Shelley: Maybe something by Rod Stewart... or… I’ve got it. Great Big Sea. They’re from Newfoundland and Andrew was born in Newfoundland. It’s perfect. Right, Andrew?

Andrew: Perfect.

Shelley: But still, a soft lullaby song like Ash and Brian’s have would be much better…. Ah! Ha!... (Sings) Hush little baby don’t you cryyyy. Mama’s going…

Andrew: And this song is…?

Shelley: The song I used to sing to you when you were a baby. (Sings) Mama’s going to buy you a mocking bird. And if that…


Andrew: Can’t say I remember that song.

Shelley: That’s because you were too young. Many was the night I would softly sing to you while I rocked you in your cradle. Ahhhh…  Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes, it does. Does it bring tears to your eyes, John?

Andrew and mom

John: I’ve been blinded. However, as you never ever sang that song to Andrew, and he didn’t have a cradle, the effect is somewhat…

Shelley: Oh! What am I saying? I meant when I rocked him in my arms(Sings) And if that mocking bird don’t sing, mama’s going to… Andrew, what do you think?

1 day old

1 day old


Shelley: Andrew?

Andrew and mom 1

Andrew: What? Oh sorry. I was sleeping.

Shelley: Just like when he was a baby. Write it down Ash.


The power of song... and for John, beer.

The power of song… and for John, beer.

Shelley and John


23 thoughts on “Hush Little Baby

  1. ………………and you havent changed at all Shelley. Ah yes, childbirth I remember watching that.
    A terrible strain on any man. Hmmmm? Children aka rugRats, I love ’em but couldn’t eat a whole one.


      • Son No.2 who is now 6ft 6″ of pure muscle was born at home and nearly in the bath too. I had done the ”dumb MF_husband” 3 month natural childbirth trust classes and was just getting prepared to drag the bloody monster out screaming – that would be my screams – when the 2 highly paid Midwives turned up, rugby tackled me out of the way and ‘it’ was born.
        Then I fainted.


      • Your attention to detail has me in stitches. Am wondering if the “dumb MF_husband” 3″ was what your wife named you while she was in labour?? 6 foot 6. He’s a beast. Hope you sang him songs or pretended to when he was a baby. Wouldn’t want him mad at you!


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