Blink Murder

Last weekend, my Vancouver Island family gathered in Comox Valley to celebrate Mother’s Day and my dad’s Birthday

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During the evenings we played Wink Murder. It’s a simple game. Really.

Shelley: Here’s how you play. I deal everyone one card. Everyone looks at their card. Whoever has the Ace of Hearts, you are the Murderer. As the Murderer,  you have to to kill everyone by winking at them. If someone catches you, the game’s over. But, if someone guesses incorrectly, he or she is out of the game, and the game continues. If you are murdered, wait a little, so you don’t give the Murderer away. Got it?

Everyone: Got it.

My nephew, Tyler: This is going to be awesome. Dan can’t wink. Show everyone how you wink Dan.


Everyone: He has to turn his head sideways and blink???? Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley:… OK… Here we go… Everyone look at your cards…  

Tyler: Dan! What are you doing?

Dan: I’m swaying my head, so no one can catch my eye and kill me.


Tyler: But if no one can kill you, that means you’re not the killer.

Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: Let’s try again… … OK… Here we go… Everyone look at your cards…

Tyler: Dan! What are you doing now?

Dan: Shutting my eyes so…

Everyone: No one can kill you!!

John: Oh my God!!! This is not brain surgery. Shelley, change games. Please.

Dan: No! I love this game.

John: How can you love it? You don’t understand how to play it.

Dan: I do now. Honest. Go ahead. Deal.

Sister Shannon:… OK… Here we go… Everyone look at your cards

Dan: WAIT!!!!

(Everyone looks at Dan)

Dan: (Rapid fire Blink. John dies. Blink. Tyler dies. Blink. Shelley dies, Bl… )


My brother, Shenley: It’s Dan. 

Dan: Ahhhhh!!! Dad, how’d you catch me?

Shenley: It wasn’t that difficult. You yelled, “Wait!!!!” Everyone looked at you. And you started killing.

Dan: Yes, but I killed three people before you caught me. Pretty good strategy for a first time Murderer, huh? Heh! Heh! Heh!  I’m really good at this. Let’s play again.

Mom: And here we go… Everyone look at your cards…

Dan: Logan’s the Murderer.

Logan: But…

Everyone: Wow! How did you guess Logan so quickly?

Dan: Well, at first I thought I was the Murderer, so I winked at Logan. I was pretty shocked when he winked back. So, I thought, “Better look at my card again.” When I looked, I realized that I had the Jack of Hearts, 


not the Queen of Hearts, which meant that I definitely wasn’t the Murderer, which meant Logan had the Queen of Hearts, which meant he was the Murderer. That’s when I said,

“Logan’s the Murderer.”

John: Oh Jesus Christ! Dan, it’s the Ace of Hearts not the Queen of Hearts.

Dan: We don’t change the Murder Card after every deal?

Everyone: No!!

Logan: Also, I’m pretty sure that when I winked at you, you should have died, not said,

“Logan’s the Murderer.”

Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!


PicMonkey Collage

Shelley and John


18 thoughts on “Blink Murder

  1. Heh… nice post! Thanks for the like on my Elevator post! The stupid settings had the comments auto closed after 2 weeks. I’ve fixed that, and you should now be able to comment on that or other posts on my blog.

    I’ve read a few of your posts here…. *big, dumb grin*.

    “Murder” ?? Never heard of it, but it sounds like a ton’o’fun!

    I’m set to follow and get emails from your blog… looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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