How NOT to Take a Picture of a Black Bear


John: Sigh. We’ve been driving from Lake Cowichan to China Beach forever and still haven’t seen any wildlife.

Shelley: We saw deer.

John: We see deer crossing streets in the Comox Valley. Sigh.


Shelley: How about a black bear? Will a black bear do?

John: Absolutely.

Shelley: Great. Because there’s one.

John: What? Where!!?

Shelley: There. Wow! That is one well fed bear.

John: Holy crap. Look at the size of his head. 

Shelley: His teeth.

John: His paws.

Shelley: His legs.

John: His body.

Shelley: His snout.

Shelley and John: He’s freaking huge. At least 300 pounds.

Shelley: Take a picture. Take a picture!

John: (Click) I can’t get a good shot through the window and he’s too far away.


Shelley: Hang on. I’ll drive up beside him and wind my window down… OK. Pass me the camera… I’ll just wait for him to lift his head

John: Hey! HEY!!! HEY!!!

Shelley: J@#$%! What are you doing? 

John: I’m trying to get him to lift his head so you get a good picture.

Shelley: My window’s down. What if he charged? 

John: Plenty of time to close it.

Shelley: Is that right, Grizzily Adams?


John: Yes. And you say I love to worry. Gawwwwwd.

Shelley: Fine. Let’s change places.

John: Don’t be silly. It’s not my turn to drive.

Untitled 2

Shelley and John


6 thoughts on “How NOT to Take a Picture of a Black Bear

  1. Those sweet cuddly things just scare me to death! But I would have driven even closer because I am nuts when it comes to pictures as long as the car is in gear and the driver is ready to run.

    I might add that many of my pictures are taken through the windshield of the car hurtling down the highway at warp speed. 🙂



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