Honey Rejected by Sh*t My Dad Says Agent, Byrd Leavell


After being constantly badgered by a plethora of loyal readers to publish “Honey Did you See That?” (OK, OK, three, four tops, may have casually mentioned the idea) Honey decided to doo doo or get off the pot. 

Her plan, self-publish “Honey.”

But, after reading 29 Questions ready for download (click left for advice on self-publishing) by Cristian Mihai, Honey realized that self-publishing was way, way, wayyyyyyyy too complicated. Translation: Honey is lazy.

What Honey needed was a literary agent. 

But who? Who would best represent Honey’s interests?


more honestly, who? Who would do all the work, while Honey jet-setted around the world, attending lavish book signing parties, while sipping Armand de Brignac Gold ChampagneAnd who? Who should Honey invite to be part of her entourage???


Weeks, days, hours, minutes were spent thoroughly investigating possible literary agents. One by one they were rejected until Weeksdays, hours, minutes later, Honey chose Byrd Leavell, Justin Halpern’s, author of Sh*t My Dad Says, agent.



What a stroke of luck to discover Byrd Leavell had a Twitter account. Honey immediately became a stalker follower. What an even bigger stroke of luck to read this Tweet from Byrd Leavell.

Can anyone out there think of a memoir told in a shifting narrative between the husband and wife?

Was there ever a clearer message from above? Byrd Leavell was destined to be Honey’s agent. Honey tweeted back,

I sure do. “Honey did you see That?” is exactly what you are looking for.  

Honey was beyond pleased with herself. With less than an hour of incredibly hard work, she had made contact with the man himself, Byrd Leavell. Giddy, Honey poured herself a Cougar Town size glass of red wine, dug into her secret stash of chocolate chips, sat back and confidently waited for Byrd Leavell’s offer.


 His response was immediate.



Honey was devastated. Traumatized.

However, eventually, buoyed by her husband John’s strong words of encouragement,

Honey, put that bottle of wine down! Get back on that computer! Smiths don’t quit!”


Honey regrouped, unearthed the e-mail address of Byrd Leavell’s Agency and submitted a few of hers and John’s favourite posts.

This time Byrd Leavell did not hit the delete key. This time he wrote back. Cross Honey’s Heart, and hope to diehe really did. See!

Byrd Leavell byrd+canned.response@waxmanagency.com via mail-la0-x22d.google.com
May 8

Thanks for your query; it has been received and I look forward to reviewing your letter. If I’m interested in seeing additional materials, I’ll be in touch, generally within 1 month from now.Unfortunately, due to the current volume of submissions, I am not able to respond personally to all inquiries. If you do not receive an additional (non-automated) request from me, I won’t be pursuing representation further, but I do thank you for thinking of me for your project.-Byrd Leavell www.waxmanagency.com
Yes. Yes. Honey knew it was a canned response. But Honey saved it anyway. Over a month has gone by since Honey read Byrd Leavell’s message. She has accepted that Byrd Leavell will not be her literary agent, but hopes that maybe, just maybe, he might choose someone out of the group of bloggers who nominated her for these Blogging Awards:

Liebster Award –  thanks Jo wordsmith of Jo of All Trades,

Sunshine Award – thank you Abby writer of Abby’s Faith Walk

Super Sweet Blogger Award – ta Eric Wilder creator of The Grimm Report

Tag! You’re It Award! – cheers Mike author of The Eye Dancers, 

Bouquet of Three Award, Shine On Award – Bless you Michael, the voice of  Michael Monday’s Blog

from Honey’s list of nominees for him to represent.
CHRISTIAN MIHAI – Super Sweet Blogger Award
ARJUN BAGGA – Tag! You’re It Award
Harbin77 – Bouquet of Three
Swimming to my 50s – Shine on Award
Shelley and John
I am sending a humongous hug to all of you who took the time to nominate me for these awesome awards. Oh, what the heck, to everyone who has ever dropped by Honey. I am honoured every time someone likes, comments, follows and shares. Apologies for not quite following the rules of acceptance, but I am literally overwhelmed! 🙂


36 thoughts on “Honey Rejected by Sh*t My Dad Says Agent, Byrd Leavell

  1. Sometime these agents don’t recognize talent when its spilling all over their inbox. Self publishing is not too hard, and believe it or not even with an agent you’d still have to do most of the work (especially the marketing).


  2. You would have been PERFECT!! WTF??? His loss! You are hilarious. I keep a stash of M&Ms nearby at all times. 🙂 Thank you SOOO much for nominating me for the Shine On Award!! I’ll try to keep shining although the closer I get to my 50’s the less shiny I get! Congrats on your nominations, Shelley! 🙂


    • Thanks so much. Sniff!! Glad to hear that you’ll keep shining! If you would like to pass on the award, here are the details. When you receive the Sunshine Award, you are then given the responsibility of completing 4 simple tasks.

      1. Post the logo above
      2. Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you
      3. Answer the ten questions in this post
      4. Nominate 10 blogs and inform them of the nomination


  3. Maybe be patient for a few more seconds … There are others out there who don’t delete! IF not screw it and get back to your bottle of wine.


  4. The heck with him, it’ll be his loss when someone else signs you and you become the hottest author in the literary world!


  5. You are absolutely hilarious and deserve an agent, a t.v. show with lookalikes that will do the acting work to portray you and your hubby! I know I don’t visit often, time constraints, you are one of my favorite places to go to for a big laugh and smiles, too! Thanks!


  6. I had to wait until i returned from the Scottish Highlands to get a good enough connection to check that you were actually drinking from a magnum of champagne and not a golden fish.
    Well you are weird and urm, Canadian. One can’t be too careful…..


  7. Thank you! I have been wanting to create book from my blog stories, and, too, found that the self -publishing was way over complicated, afterall–I want to write, not proofread and all that other nonsense. Then, I was impressed with your hour long pursuit for a literary agent–you were really committed! Much more so than I am. Thanks for doing the legwork down that avenue…I guess I will keep writing letters to Oprah. 🙂


  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying your clever comment! I get so amused whenever I read your stories and yet, sorry about the agent stuff. I would try to get around this angle, like mentioned above. My dad ended up in self publishing in the seventies, it is so much easier now!


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