Introducing Slice’s Newest Reality TV Star, my Nephew, Dan

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Shelley: Sooooo John told me some potentially exciting news today.

Everyone: Tell us!!!!!

Shelley: Last spring John sent his favourite blogs to his friend, Curry, who’s a Screen Writer. And Curry passed them on to his friend, who works with the TV Channel, Slice. (Click here for more info. on Slice.)

Dad: What’s Slice?

Shelley: Reality TV.

Everyone: Ohhhhhh!!!!!!! That’s great! Amazing! Congratulations!

Shelley: Awww thanks everyone. But don’t hold your breath…

Dan: How much money will I make? Obviously I would be the star of the show as I’m the reason everyone reads the blogs. I’m the funny one. ( To read the most recent post starring Dan, click here.)

PicMonkey Collage

Mom: No. I’m the funny one.

Dan: Grandma, I’ve got this.

Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: I have no idea. But as I was saying, this is quite a long shot. So don’t plan on spending your money quite yet because more than likely nothing will come out of this.

Dan: But if it does, I need to decide who should play me. Maybe Matthew McConaughey?

matthew mc

Hmmmm…. No. He’s not right. On second thought, I choose Brad Pitt. Definitely Brad Pitt. He would do an amazing job playing me. I’d have to explain to him what “Night Terrors” are though, so when he shoots the scene when Tyler’s crazy ex-girlfriend throws pebbles at my window, instead of Tyler’s, he would get it right. Or I could just get in my bed and show him how I tried to sink into the mattress, so I wouldn’t have a silhouette, so she couldn’t see me and come after me.

Matthew: Dan, I don’t think you quite understand the concept of Reality TV. 

2013-06-10 21.20.54

Shelley and John

Brad Pitt –

Matthew McCaughenay –


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