Muuuaahhmmmmmmm!!!! He Just Gave me the Finger!!!

Now that the boys are all grown up, (Matt is 28 and Andrew is 26) what’s it like camping with them? 

Something like this…IMG2038IMG2065

IMG2040 wine

Cowichan River

Cowichan River

Aieeeeee!!! Cowichan River, Vancouver Island

Aieeeeee!!! Cowichan River, Vancouver Island


Chemainus Lake Park

Chemainus Lake Park

IMG20542013-08-13 20.07.12shirt

Andrew: Nice shirt bro. When’s the rodeo?

Matt: Shut up.

Andrew: Shut up? That’s the best the “Come Back King” can do? “Shut up?”  Not going to lie. Disappointed in you, Matt. Oh! Muuuaahhmmmmmmm! Matt gave me the finger.

Shelley: Matthew!

Matt: I didn’t. He’s lying. What the…?? Mom! Andrew gave me the finger.

Shelley: Andrew!

Andrew: He’s the one who’s lying. Matt’s just trying to get me into trouble because I’m your favourite. Hey! Mom! He did it again.

Shelley: Matthew!

Matthew: Mom, I swear I wouldn’t do that. Andrew’s jealous that he didn’t get to spend an entire week of the summer alone with you. Just you and him, like I did. An entire week. The best entire week of my summer. A week I can never get back. (Clic here to check out But I’m Your Mother to see how it really went.)

Andrew: Spending a week with mom was the best part of the summer? Not my wedding? What a…

Ash famMatt: Best entire week ever. You have no idea what you missed. Right mom? Annnndreeeeuuw! Mom!  He does it when you’re not looking. Tell him to stop.

Shelley: Oh Jesus! Both of you! Put a cork in it.

John: Bottle it up right now.

Matt: Yeah Andrew. Stop your whining.

Andrew: I’m not good at this game. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Matt: Kevin Bacon.

Andrew: Not him.

Matt: Samuel Jackson.


Matt: That’s not a line from that movie or how this game’s played. It’s like Pulp Fiction in here.

Andrew: Yo! Yo! Be careful because I’m in Training Day. Yo! Yo!

Matt: That’s Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson are not the same person.

Andrew: Stupid F#$%ing game. Give me another one.

Matt: Steve Buscemi.

Andrew: Oh man I am so happy. Going Back to School makes me so happy.

Matt: No. That’s Billy Madison.

Andrew: Oh. I feel trapped, like I’m on Con Air?

Matt: Yeah. You got it.

Andrew: Bam! There it is. I knew that was definitely the one. For sure. Without a doubt.

Andrew Bam

Matthew: Tom Hanks.

Andrew: Would really have liked to have some garlic shrimp tonight, huh, Bubba?

Matt: Nope.

Andrew: What about Dancin’ Dan? Close?

Matt: Pretty close.

John: Enough. Time for bed. We need to get up at 7:00. Matt, I’ll show you my new clear sewage pipe attachment in the morning.

Matt: Holy S#$TTT!  How lucky am I?

Andrew: Wait. What about me? I feel like the black sheep of the family, a Castaway. WILSON!!!!!! Right?

Shelley, John, Matt: Right. You’ve got it. Good night Andrew.

Andrew: I’ve done so many of these I don’t know if you can Catch me if You Can. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now I’m finally part of the family. I’m Big. It’s almost as good as the time I saved Private Ryan. Heh. Heh. Heh. Like the battle where it was Joe Versus the Volcano. Having a hard time sleeping, like when I was Sleepless in Seattle. Are you guys having a hard time sleeping?

Shelley, John, Matt: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Andrew: Boo Ya! I finally got the hang of this game. I’ve cracked The Da Vin Ci Code. Take an actor’s name, think of a movie he’s in and make a pun out of the title.  YEsssssssssss!!!!!!! Matt, give me another one.

Shelley, John, Matt: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz….

Andrew: Mom?

Shelley, John, Matt: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz….

Andrew: Dad?

Shelley, John, Matt: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz….

Andrew: Fine. I know you’re all awake. I won’t play the game any more. Instead, I’ll tell you all a bedtime story. It’s the one I told when I was four years old. Now Goldilocks was good and mad when she was let out of prison. Pissed to be exact. Four years for Breaking and entering!?!?!?!? What a joke. First thing she was going to do was teach  those three bears a lesson. One they would never forget
Averell Creek Winery

Averell Creek Winery

Shelley and John

Samuel Jackson –
Denzel Washington –

6 thoughts on “Muuuaahhmmmmmmm!!!! He Just Gave me the Finger!!!

  1. That picture of your son with dad in a head lock reminds me of my boy and husband. Too cute. I figured they will be doing that move for a long long time, which keeps my husband working out so he doesn’t pass out too fast! 😛


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