Let the Adventure Continue

mapDeciding to test our marriage vowsJohn and I have decided to hit the road dragging our house ( 28 foot fifth wheel with 300 square feet of living space)

PicMonkey Collage

behind us for 7 and 1/2 months. Our plan? To travel as far as Toronto, drive down the east coast of the US, swing west through the southern states, then hug the west coast back to Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. We are ready to “Let the Adventure  Continue.”

Day 1-3, Aug. 30th – Sept. 2nd

Victoria, BC

Visiting family in Victoria, BC

Day 4, Sept. 3rd.

Loud sounds of:

Opening of cupboards. Rummaging through cupboards. Shutting of cupboards. Opening of bags. Rummaging through bags. Closing of bags. Opening of RV door. Closing of RV door. Opening of truck door. Rummaging through truck. Closing of truck door. Opening of RV door. Closing of RV door.

Shelley: Huh? John? John! What the Hell?

John: Yes?

Shelley: What are you doing?

John: I’m looking for the second set of keys.

Shelley: In the middle of the night?

John: It’s hardly the middle of the night. It’s 5:00 in the morning.

Shelley: Whatever. It’s still dark. Come back to bed and go to sleep.

John: There’s no point. I’ll just lie there thinking about where I last saw the keys.

Shelley: Oh Jesus Christ.

John: Thanks for your support.

Shelley: I am supportive. I am the most supportive wife out there. Name one other wife who would still be having this conversation?

John: If you were so supportive, you would get out of bed and help me look for the keys.

Shelley: Not going to happen. Guaranteed as soon as I get up, you’ll find them. Just like every other time I help you look for stuff you’ve lost.

John: Not this time. This time I’ve really lost them. I’m going to phone Andrew and ask him to look.

Shelley: John! No! It’s too early. Come back to bed and go to sleep. When you wake up at a decent hour, I’ll help you look, and then, and only then, if we can’t find them, you can phone Andrew. OK?

John: Hello Andrew.

Shelley: Unbelievable.

John: It’s dad. Sorry to wake you. I can’t find my keys. Can you look in the TV room?… Not there?… Thanks. Go back to sleep, buddy. Love you. Shelley, here’s what we can do. We can copy the set we have…

Shelley: Oh my God. Tell me in the morning. Come back to bed and go to sleep.

John: Fine. Ouch!

Shelley: What?


Shelley and John

47 thoughts on “Let the Adventure Continue

  1. Holy Mackerel, are you actually doing this? I see that I’m along this route, in the northeast to be more precise. I hope you make it before the snow flies. It comes in off the lakes sooner than you think!


  2. That looks and sounds like fun!!!. We have been thinking about getting another trailer or maybe a motor home. Yall have a great and blessed trip. Jim


  3. Now John, you obviously only had a man look. I thought I’d explained this problem to you before, love you both to bits, have a great trip.xxxx


  4. 7 and 1/2 MONTHS?! Woman, did you lose your mind, or just misplace it?! Uwe and I did a 7 week trip once and my biggest worry wasn’t getting malaria (Laos), eaten by sharks (western Australia), ditto by cannibals (Fiji) or dying from food poisoning somewhere along the way heading around the globe… My worry was that at some point I I was going to have to kill him. I just knew that 7 weeks would test our (pretty solid) marriage to the point where I’d go “Oops! Not as solid as we thought….”

    Wow. My hat is so off to you. As the Germans would say, “Respekt! Respekt!” —Jadi

    PS: We survived that trip and Uwe immedately began asking when we’re going to take the next one!


    • So glad that you didn’t have to kill off Uwe. 🙂 Hopefully, having a bigger RV will save our marriage. That and whenever we stop to camp, John stays outside talking the RV talk with fellow men. You know, sewage, hoses, electricity. Man talk. :0


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