The Official Grade 5 Dating Guide


Day 7, Sept. 5th

2013-09-05 16.56.50View from the top of Mt. Revelstoke, BC, Canada

Revelstoke, BC. Where I went to school in grades 4-6.

Mountain View School, Revelstoke, BC. My school for grades 4-6.

Who drove the last spike on the Pacific Railway?Bet you didn’t know it was the Smiths who drove in the last spike on the Pacific Railway.

And behind me is my grade 4 classroom where Mrs. Burns terrorized us.My grade 4 classroom where Mrs. Burns ruled. Check out “The Whistler” for details.

John: I thought we were going to check into the campground?

Shelley: We are. But first we have to visit my grade 5 boyfriend, Wade, who works at the Revelstoke Fire Department.

John: Of course we have to.

Shelley: He was so cute. Dark curly hair. Piercing eyes. Not too short. Not too tall. An athlete. And smart. Man was he ever smart. I think he read at the Gold Level. Perfect. Like you.

John: Jeesh thanks.

Shelley: Before we were officially a couple, we had to go through the Official Grade 5 Dating Ritual. Do you know what that is?

 John: Not really.

Shelley: I had one of my girlfriends ask one of Wade’s friends to ask Wade if he liked me. Wade gave his answer to his friend, who told my friend, who told me, “Yes.” Then Wade would use this exact channel of communication to ask if I would date him. Without deviating from this ritual, I sent back a “Yes.” At that point, it was official. We were a couple.

John: Which means?

Shelley: I would call Wade’s house, ask to speak to him, and when he came to the phone hang up. Oh my, my, my. Just hearing his voice would make me weak all over.

John: Did Wade ever call you?

Shelley: Only if he knew I wasn’t there. What in the world would we talk about? We were too tongue tied to say anything.

John: Now that I would have liked to see.

Shelley and John: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

John: What happened when you were in school? Would you talk to him? Sneak a little kiss?

Shelley: Don’t be silly. Then our classmates would know. No. It was all very candlestine.  Furtive glances across the crowded classroom. Gentle bumps into each other as we brought our school work to the teacher. You have to understand that we were just out of the Grade 4 phase, when, if you liked someone, you would pull their hair or tease them unmercifully. However, during assemblies, I do remember sitting next to Wade. But not talking. I can remember my heart racing, my body sweating, my hands shaking.

John: So, no hand holding?

John: Only once. Somehow Wade must have managed get his nerve up to ask me to skate with him at the hockey arena. We held hands as we skated round and round and round staring straight ahead without exchanging one word. I thought I would die of happiness. I was in love.

John: How long were you in love?

Shelley: I’m not sure. One day I decided I was no longer in love and that was that. Oh boy, we’re almost here. Karen, (A woman I met earlier that day, who I think might have been my classmate)


says he’s the Fire Chief. Imagine that. I could have been married to a Fire Chief.

John: Are you putting on lipstick?

Shelley: You bet. I want him to think, “Damn! I shouldn’t have let her get away.” We’re here. Whew! I feel like I’m back in Grade 5. How do I look?


Shelley and John

16 thoughts on “The Official Grade 5 Dating Guide

  1. Lol! In grade 7 I proved my undying love to a boy by dousing him with a bottle of perfume. Not only did I ruin his jacket forever, I lost his love forever, too. Oh well. Live and learn. BTW I I am moving to Salmon Arm in December when I retire and am looking forward to adventures into the surrounding area, including seeing Revelstoke.


  2. Dang, I never thought you’d leave us hanging outside the FD. 😦 So what about the ID bracelet? Didn’t Wade give you his? Digression: I remember when, in sixth grade, Jan Nelson jammed her tongue down my throat. I was thinking, WTH… But that was another story (one of mine). As always, yours, an entertaining flashback. 🙂


    • It was a combination of an unreliable internet, and WTH let’s try this. Will tell all next post. Yuck! Tongue jamming??? In Grade 6. Tell us more. Thanks for reading. The trip has turned out to be a bit of going down memory lane.


  3. How fun to visit your old school! I went to school in the same town I now live so it’s not as exciting. In 6th grade, a boy that liked me convinced me cut class to meet him in the auditorium. Foolish me, I did! This is when he tried to kiss me but I was saved by our mean Music teacher who flicked on the lights and told us to go back to class! Phew! I was not ready to kiss anyone! I’m glad you put your lipstick on before visiting the fire station – very critical to always have lipstick on. So, did you end up actually seeing him???


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