Please Don’t Make me

mooseDay 15 Evestan, Saskatchewan

Lethbridge, AlbertaIMG_0113

World’s largest Teepee, Alberta, Canada

IMG_0135 SaskatchewanIMG_0136

More Saskatchewan


And more Saskatchewan. Holy Mother of God, the prairies are endless…


John: Let’s see, today’s distance Lethbridge, (Alberta) to Swift Current, (Saskatchewan) was 390 km’s.

John: Let’s see, today’s distance Lethbridge, (Alberta) to Swift Current, (Saskatchewan) was 390 km’s.

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: In order to be in Toronto by September 20th, I think we need to continue to cover around 400 km per day. Don’t you?

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: Swift Current is Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan), 177 km.

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: But, if we continue on to Regina, that’s still only 243 km.

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: The problem is, if we keep driving to Brandon (Manitoba), we’re looking at a 10 hour day.

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: Hmmmmm…… We could head to the US from Moose Jaw and cross over the border by Estevan. 

Shelley: Uh huh.

John: Shelley! Are you listening to me?

Shelley: Of course.

John: Can you come over here and look at the map with me?

Shelley: Please don’t make me.

John: I want to show you all the options on the map.

Shelley: You’ve shown me all the options a hundred times. You’ve shown all the options to the lady in the Information Center. The Security Guard in the Casino. The guy next door. Isn’t that enough?


John: I’m trying to involve you in the planning.

Shelley: No need. Whatever you decide, I’ll agree to, but only if you don’t make me sit down and look at that map again.

John: But I can’t make my mind up. I read on the internet that highway ___ is one of the worst highways in Saskatchewan. It’s known as the “Death Highway.”

Shelley: OK we won’t take that highway. We’ll stay in Canada longer. 

John: If we stay in Canada longer, we won’t get cheap gas.

Shelley: Oh my God! You make the call. I’ll go along with whatever you suggest.

John: Well, in that case, here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll stop east of Regina for the night, then head south to the US when we hit Brandon. Sound good?

Shelley: Sigh. I guess.

John: What? What?

Shelley: Nothing. That route’s fine.

John: Obviously it’s not. Tell me.

Shelley: It’s just that… It’s just that…

John: It’s just that what?

Shelley: Never mind.

John: Jesus Christ Shelley!

Just. Tell. Me. Which. Route. You. Want. To. Take.

Shelley: It’s just that I really had my heart set on stopping at Moose Jaw, so we could check out the “Al Capone Tunnel Tour” and “Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort.” 


Shelley and John

18 thoughts on “Please Don’t Make me

  1. OMG… sounds all too familiar! What is it about men and the map?? The atlas map, the individual folded map, the GPS on the phone map, the little booklets we pick up in the rest stops map. Uggg… “I don’t care, just drive!………….. “But go the way there will be the least traffic.”…. LoL 🙂


  2. Did you go thru Hanna outside of Calgary? My dad was born there.

    @John… are you crazy wanting to include Shelly in the planning… just tell her what to do.

    @Shelly… cute photo of you and the bike… do you really cycle, or just ask people if you can pose with their bike along the route?


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