Oh My God! What a…

Day 34Day 34

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Canada

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls,  Canada

Tunnel behind Niagara Falls

Journey Behind the Falls,  Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, USA

Niagara Falls, USA

Viewing platform, Niagara Falls, Canada

Viewing platform, Niagara Falls, Canada

John: Too bad we only had one day to explore Niagara Falls.

Shelley: Sigh. So many wineries. So little time.


John: Here we go. Do you have the passports ready?

Shelley: Right here.

John: Good morning.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Turn off your engine.

John: Oh, sorry.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Identification?

John: Here you go.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Destination?

John: New York and then south.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)….


Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) South? South is a very large area. Exactly where in the south are you going?

John: Florida and then on to the San Diego area for Christmas.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) How long will you be in the States?

John: Six months.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Anything to declare?

John: No.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) You’ll be in the US for 6 months and you’re telling me that you have nothing in that motor home to declare?

John: Ah no?

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)…

Shelley: (Whispers to John) We don’t have any citrus fruit.

John: We don’t have any citrus fruit.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead))…

Shelley: (Whispers to John) Like oranges.

John: Like oranges.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Do you have any tobacco?

John: No.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Do you have any alcohol?

 Shelley: (Whispers to John) Yes. Two bottles of wine.

John: Yes. Two bottles of wine.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)… I just asked you if you had anything to declare and you said, “No.” But you do have something to declare. You have two bottles of wine to declare.

John: I’m sorry. I didn’t know we had to declare alcohol if we were under the limit. Are two bottles of wine over the limit?

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)…


Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead) Next time when you are asked, “Do you have anything to declare?” declare your alcohol.

John: I definitely will. I’m sorry.

Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)…


Custom’s Officer: (Stares straight ahead)…

John: Thank you. (Starts truck. Pulls away from the kiosk.)

Shelley: (Whispers to John) Oh my God! What a …

John: Shhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! They might have hidden microphones.

New York State

New York State

New York State

New York State


Beaver Hill Creek Campground, just outside of Cooperstown, New York

Shelley and John

40 thoughts on “Oh My God! What a…

  1. Obviously, that US officer had not read the “Welcome to US-” manual or “How to be nice to tourists who add to our faltering/failing economy.” Or he had not attended one of my lectures on TCKs…. yish….


  2. Yo both of you the grass is two foot high at home. Just thought you’d like to know.
    Not that I’m envi’arse of your jaunts across the heathen lands – nope not me.
    FRed.i.Am is but not me.


      • Hope the house is OK? We had a months worth of rain in Sept in an hour and ‘She Who Must be Obeyed’ was helping the Prols bail water orf the premises.
        I had to hold FRed(tm) so he remained dry from an upstairs window BUT gave moral support.
        You sure ‘envy’ is a sin? Vanity is my favourite for sure.


      • You must be kidding. Rain in England???? So good that you helped out holding FRed(tm). 🙂 Why am I teasing you? It is tipping it down. Hope the new seal on the roof works. (I drove through a tree branch)


      • Well of course you drove into a branch of a tree. For a fee I’ll back up John and swear on FRed(tm)’s removed gonads that it jumped out and attack the caravan too. Trees…..don’t trust them.
        “No FRed.i.Am they’re NOT in England. We’ll stay orf the roads when they are Boy. AND out of the forests.”


      • That’s exactly what happened. We were just stopped on a highway by a nice gentleman, who told us that the parkway was only for cars not RV’s and if we kept driving we would lose the top of our RV. YIKES!!!


  3. D…!! I kick myself for not taking the day “off” retirement to go to the Falls with you!! So so so sorry you couldn’t make the bike winery tour…soooo good!! Hope I was not too pushy…but then, John is used to it!! Loved seeing you…not so long next time…yes??!!
    Pam & Tom


  4. You do know that you and John do look suspicious, right???? I bet it had to do with the size of you RV – too big and shinny 🙂


  5. Ah….. brings back memories! So miss New York. Are you going be anywhere near Tarrytown? That’s where I grew up. Great photos, Shelley and John!


    • Ha! Ha! Absolutely, but only as long as we are out of range. YIKES!! When we passed through in North Dakota the guy couldn’t have been nicer. He laughed when we said two bottle of wine as it’s wayyyy cheaper in the US.


  6. Try being a sweet American girl with clear, happy blue eyes and long, flowing, blonde hair with an I’m-so-innocent voice and get through costumes at Heathrow in Terminal 5!!!!!!!!! Then you’re a real dodgy character! Love you my friend. Stay safe and I’ll see ya in San Diego soon! Ders


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