Sweet Home Alabama

Day 81, November 18th

Day 81, November 18th


Fort Conde, Mobile, Alabama

Fort Conde, Mobile, Alabama

Downtown Mobile, Alabama

Downtown Mobile, Alabama



John: (Singing) Sweet hooome Alabama. I be coming home to you.

Shelley: Oh my God. Stop.

John: What?

Shelley: You’ve tried to sing that song ever since we arrived in Alabama.

John: Alabama? (Singing) Sweet hooome Alabama. I be coming home to you.

Shelley: Please stop. You’re ruining it. Those aren’t the right words. And even if they were, you need to sing more than the first two lines.

John: FIne. When we get back to the campsite, I’ll download the words and learn them. But first, I need to buy an  University of Alabama T-shirt. Let’s see… No. No. Annnnd no. Maybe this one. No. This one looks like it just might work…. Ummmm no. This is getting frustrating. I can’t find one I like.

Shelley: What about this one?

John: Shelley. I am not a kid. I can’t wear a shirt that looks like a football jersey.

Shelley: Of course you can’t. What was I thinking?

John: Hmmm…  This one says, “I’m an Alabama Fan.” But technically I’m not an Alabama fan.

Shelley: Then why are you buying a t-shirt if you don’t support them?

John: Because we’re in Alabama. Ah! Ha! This one’s perfect.

Shelley: Excellent.

John: Except it has long sleeves. Long sleeves will be too hot. Just my luck, there aren’t any like it with short sleeves.

Shelley: This grey one has short sleeves.

John: Shelley, you don’t like me in grey.

Shelley: I do now.

John: Don’t be silly.

Shelley: OK…  Ohhh Kayyyyy. This one?

John: The sticker’s too big. It’ll make me sweat.

Shelley: And we sure don’t want that to happen. Here we go. Everything you wanted. Short sleeved. No big logo.

John: Won’t work. It’s not red. The Crimson Tide’s colours are red.


Shelley: Red it is. This one’s red. Old school. Very trendy. What do you say?

John: No.

Shelley: Why not?

John: I don’t like it. That’s why.

Shelley: That’s not a reason. Give me one good reason.

John: Because it looks like it’s been worn a thousand times.

Shelley: But that’s the style. You know what? Never mind. Andrew (Our youngest son) will love it for Christmas.


John: Sigh. There’s nothing here. Let’s go. You’re getting restless. It’s too bad. I really really wanted one. But know this, once we leave Alabama, I’ll never ever get the chance to buy an Alabama T-shirt again. Just think, I didn’t  buy a Crimson Tide T-shirt, the 2011 and 2012 USA National Football Champions. From Alabama.

Shelley: Holy S@#T!!!! Enough. Buy the long sleeved one. It’s perfect for the freezing California nights. Here’s a medium.

John: I should probably try it on. Just in case.


Sweet Hooome Alabama. I be coming back to youuuuu! Whhhhhoooo. Hooo. Hoo.

Shelley: And he’s off.


Shelley and John

PS: John and I constantly listen to podcasts. I’ve decided to share our favourite ones, one post at a time. If you have ones you recommend, please share.

“This is That” hosted by zany commedians, Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring from CBC Radio. Click here for their site.


16 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Please put John and that t-shirt on ebay.com (not the co.uk. version) immediately. Starting price 0.99$.
    No Brit should be allowed to wear such……nope.


  2. I’m a big fan of Radio Lab podcasts. They do science communication, and their stuff is really interesting. The one that they did on ‘Blood’ was great – fake blood in movies, real blood in art & blood bank price wars.


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