Who Painted the Balls of my Horse Yella?

Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin, Texas

Hope Outdoor Gallery or Baylor Street Art Wall, Austin, Texas


Hope Gallery, Austin, Texas

Hope Gallery, aka Baylor Street Art Wall, Austin, Texas

Baylor Street Art Galary, Austin Texas

Baylor Street Art Galary, Austin Texas

Shelley, John, Rob and Toni: Road trip to the Alamo!!! Remember the Alamo!!! Yeahhhh!!!

Shelley: Hey everyone, since we’re in Texas, I’ve got a joke about cowboys. Want to hear it?

John and Rob: Noooo!!! You never get through a joke.

Rob: But we do want to hear some tunes, right Johnnie?

Toni: I want to hear it.

Shelley: Thank you Toni. Good to know that I have at least one supporter here.

There was this little teeny tiny Texan Cowboy who walked into a bar. Wait. Was it a bar?

John and Rob: Here we go.

Shelley: Ahhh… Yes. Yes. It was a bar and he said, “Who painted the balls of my horse yella?”

John: There’s only 50 km’s left in the tank. We need to stop for gas.

Toni: Robbie! Turn that down.

Shelley: John. Not yet. It’s afer 1:00, we’ve barely left Austin and I’m in the middle of a joke. Anyway, no one answered the little teeny tiny Texan Cowboy. So the little teeny tiny Texan Cowboy repeated his question, “Who painted the balls of my horse yella?” Again no one answered.

Toni: Hey, there’s “Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

John: Robbie, can you check Tatiana to see how far San Antonio is?

Rob: 100 km’s. Whoops. It came off in my hands.

IMG_1615Shelley: John. We’re good. Wait until we get out of this traffic. Back to my joke. So this time the little teeny tiny Texan Cowboy yelled…

Toni: I need to get Toddy some new towels.

Me, John and Tod

Me, John and Tod

Rob: I’ll try to put it back. Jesus. I just dropped it again. What’s wrong with this?

John: I really think we should stop and get gas.

Shelley: Oh my God John. Wait. I’ve been interrupted so many times I don’t know where I was.

Rob: It just popped out. I hardly touched it.

Toni: He needs a new set of sheets too.

John: Rob. Keep your eyes out for a gas station.

Rob: I would Johnnie, but I’m trying to put this ridiculous, frustrating…


Shelley: Now I remember. And he yelled, “Who painted the balls of my horse yella?”

Toni: And some pots.

Rob: Again? F@#K!  OK there.

John: Can you turn it so I can see?

Rob: Yes. Oh dear God. It fell off again.

Toni: Mustn’t forget a few pans too. He definitely needs pans.

Shelley: And this humongous Texan Cowboy growled,

“I did. What’s it to you?”

John: Robbie! What are you doing?

Rob: I hardly touched it. This thing is stupid.


John: You can’t say that to Tatiana. She’ll get mad.

Shelley: And “stupid” is a bad word. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. You’ll have to ask Spencer and Jenny (My brother and sister-in-law) And the teeny tiny Texan Cowboy replied,

“I just wanted you to know the first coat’s dry.”

Get it? Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Shows you two. I did get through it.

Rob: You’re kidding?

Shelley: No. That’s how it ends.

John: No. She’ll send us the wrong way.

Toni: But if we don’t stop, that’s OK. I can go shopping on Black Friday.

Rob: John, what are you so worried about? Jesus Christ all we have to do is drive straight for 100 km’s. Oh. Oh. A new screen’s come up. I’ll push the “All Clear” button.

John: Nooooo… Just push “Done.” I see a gas station.


Rob and Toni: We should have bought some coffee at the gas station. John, pull over at next coffee shop we see.

John: No. No more stops. By the time we get there, The Alamo will be closed.

Shelley: In that case, who wants to hear another Cowboy joke?

The Alamo, San Antonio,Texas

The Alamo, San Antonio,Texas




Day 92, November 29th

Day 92, November 29th (Sorry can’t figure out how to put at the front. Ak)

Check out this podcast,

“Car Talk” hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, known also as Click and Clack.  You don’t even know have to know anything about cars to enjoy this one.

Please share if you have one you would recommend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Shelley and John

21 thoughts on “Who Painted the Balls of my Horse Yella?

    • After great thought, actually a glass of wine, John and have decided we definitely don’t want to emulate Thelma and Louise as they die in the end. Now Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, could work for us. Holy Crappola Texas is huge!!


  1. I’d’ve listened to your joke! Guess I’ll have to wait until you get to So. Cal. to be entertained. Oops, we’ll be in two separate cars! LOL!


    • Krishnan, John named it over two years ago. Weird eh? I’ve lost the plot on her, because she tried to take us through the hood in San Fransisco. After that, she tried to take us over a mountain. Also, I think she stole my black jacket. 🙂


  2. Haha, that was great…I think I have been in that car! 🙂

    By the way, I used to live in San Antonio…so much to see and do there…but it sounds like you might just be passing through. Yes?


  3. You guys are awesome! Gorgeous photos, great dialog, and wonderful stories! Hey, we have a TomTom, too! I love that thing–even if we have OnStar. It’s gotten us out of messes on more than one occasion–especially through Montreal. And the monkey with the eyes? Genius!


    • Thanks for dropping by and giving the thumbs up on the photo attempts.That wall is crazy and constantly changing. According to Tod, as it’s a graffiti wall, anyone can go up and create. Can’t believe you love your Tom Tom. I think Tatiana and I have a hate hate relationship. John says it’s because I swear at her. Possibly true. As for Montreal, every time we’ve driven through there, we’ve gotten lost. Picture people honking their horns at us and yelling, “Newfies!!!!”


  4. Damn, that is one long-ass trip! Love the pics! Did you ever finish the joke? I was worried about not finding a gas station. Are you coming through Friday Harbor on the way back to Victoria? You can you know.


  5. Hahaha that’s so brutal— who wouldn’t want to know the punch line of that joke in the first place?! Whaaaat, humor is clearly wasted on them 😉 I like reading your dialogues, they certainly cover the authenticity of true banter.


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