Hammer Time

Day 103, December 9th

Day 103, December 9th

A few members of the North Vancouver Island's Women's Build

A few members of the North Vancouver Island’s Women’s Build


May 2012…

Shelley: Members of the Habitat “Women’s Build” volunteer their time and pledge to raise money? That’s amazing. I want to do more than volunteer too. I’ve got it. I’m going to make a video that raises money and attracts volunteers. Matt and Andrew (my sons) make videos all of the time. They can help me. Plenty of time to have it ready for the Habitat Christmas party. But first I need to get ready for Tough Mudder.

john she

June 2012

Shelley: As soon as Andrew and Ash’s wedding is over, I’m going to start videoing. No excuses. Nose to the grind stone.


July 2012….

Shelley: Once all our wedding visitors leave, the big push begins. Big time. I mean it.


August 2013…

Shelley: Now that our freezer’s full of salmon,1175321_10151816414110991_991886060_nAndrew and Matt (our sons) have returned to work,

13594_10151805647302324_367414431_nand we leave on our 71/2 month trip in 2 day’s time, I’m going to the Habitat build site tomorrow to film, then I’ll edit on the trip. Easy peasy.


September 2013…

Shelley: Although I haven’t actually looked at the clips, I’m thinking that I might not have filmed enough.


October 2013….

Shelley: Am I still a good person if I don’t make this video?



November 2012…

Shelley: Awww look at that. Ash posted a blog about all the wonderful benefits of volunteering.  Click “The value of volunteering”  to read. That’s it. I’m going to do it. The video is on. Yes sir.  As soon as Thanksgiving is finished, it’s going to be

“Hammer Time.”

Rob and Toni, John and Shelley, Laura (who John and I coached over 18 years ago) and her mother, Donna, Austin, Texas

Rob and Toni, John and Shelley, Laura (who John and I coached over 18 years ago.. How can that be? We’re not that old!) and her mother, Donna, Austin, Texas

December 2012…

Shelley: Nothing’s wrong. With less than a week to go before the Christmas Habitat party, what in the world could be wrong? I’m fine.

F. I. N. E.

In fact I have never been more fine than I am right this very instant…


Oh my God I am so not fine. What was I thinking? I can’t do this. I’ve been editing this thing every waking hour for the last four days and it’s still not done. I don’t have enough film clips to make a video. I can add pictures but most of the pictures I have are of us. Which is OK by me, but people want to see themselves in a video. They don’t want to see the

“John and Shelley Show.”

Trust me on that. Did you know some people have actually told me that they only read the blogs if they’re in it. And what if I leave someone out? That person will get mad, send me an angry e-mail, or worse, post on my Facebook page. And I’ve given up asking for permission to use the music. You need to be a lawyer to figure out how to do that. I can’t do this. I am not going to do this. Nothing in this world can convince me to do this…


Is that wine? And chocolate?


And finally here it is…

“Hammer Time”

Shelley and John

37 thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. Bravo. Nothing like accomplishment! Are deadlines really that critical? 🙂 Love the photographic chronology! And if you’ve no room left in your freezer, I’ll gladly store some of those fishies…


    • Thanks Eric. Re Deadlines: They are critical only when you wait until the end of 6 months to complete. Ak. If you were close by, we would have given you some of those salmon. Before we left on our trip, we knocked on neighbours’ doors and gave them away. 🙂


    • Thanks Ash. youtube only caught “Hammer Time.” We’ll see how many views they allow. We are very careful that we can volunteer on a drop in basis as we don’t want to commit to long periods. Looks like we’ll volunteer for the BC rugby games in Nanaimo this summer. Good luck with your choice. Sometimes a one day drop in like we did for Thanksgiving works too.


    • You are a true friend to watch a video that long without being in it. My mother wrote on gmail, tongue in cheek, (I hope) better figure out how to put me in there, or coal for you!! I did take a one or two out of us. Funny that we probably got a lot more out of it than Habitat got out of us. Finally some friends. 🙂


  2. Oh man, I totally understand months-long procrastination! But it turned out really well– you chose the perfect songs for it. The Phillip Phillips one had some line that coincided with a photo of a kid perfectly. Great work 🙂 Clearly it was the wine and chocolate that did it 😉


    • Thanks for watching something you weren’t in. 🙂 I tried to film more, but the great ipad said it’s memory was full. As for the photo connecting, absolute luck. Apparently imovie “snaps” the music to the pic’s. God I’m such a pro! 🙂 We had to stock up on wine after that.


  3. Wine and chocolate solve everything…but wow, even with those aides I’d never have been able to create what you did! R-e-s-p-e-c-t to you (and all the volunteers)!


  4. I thought the video was awesome, and Habitat is a fine organization, they are lucky to have you (when you aren’t on the road!). Our little community Habitat is hoping to build a house or two in 2014, and I hope we will be able to help. Cheers!


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