Christmas 2013…

John, Matt, Andrew, Dad, Ash, Mom, Me Christmas 2013

John, Matt, Andrew, Dad, Ash, Mom, Me Christmas 2013

Andrew: What are you doing?

Matt: I’m texting Emma.

1507963_10100151040556536_1557996482_nAndrew: What are you doing?

Matt: I’m texting Emma.

Andrew: Now what are you doing?

Matt: Texting Emma.

Andrew: You’re kidding me.

Matt: I need to tell her something.

Andrew: You haven’t stopped texting her since you arrived. Miss you. LOL.

(Pronounced with a high drawn out voice. “Lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhllllllllll”)

In the hot tub with Andrew and Ash. LOL.


Andrew’s asleep. LOL.


Watching the sun set with Andrew and the rest of the family.


Andrew’s naughty. LOL.


Dad bombed Andrew and Ash’s picture. LOL.


Mom and Andrew are silly. LOL.


Boogie boarding with Ash, dad and Andrew. LOL. Andrew rode the longest wave. LOL.

PicMonkey Collage

Building sand castles with dad and Andrew. LOL. Dad accidently dropped me. LOL. Almost suffocated. LOL.

photo 3

Andrew’s was better. LOL.


Opening my Christmas present from Andrew. LOL. IMG_2055Andrew wrapped “my” T-shirts that I had shipped to Vancouver instead of Kuwait. LOL.


Took Andrew 12 years to pay me back. But he finally did it. LOL.

By Matt Smith

Andrew also gave me a cat calendar. LOL. Andrew’s definitely the funny one. LOL.IMG_2056

Matt: Ha! Ha! Ha! Whatever. Didn’t you call Ash more than once a day when you were apart?

Andrew: (Sigh) Once. But it didn’t go so well.

Matt: Really? Why?

Andrew: Because her reactions was,

“What’s wrong ? Why are you calling me again? We already talked this morning.”

Matt: LOL.



Day 132 Januaery 6th, 2014

Day 132 Januaery 6th, 2014


Shelley and John

25 thoughts on “LOL

  1. So fun to see other people’s Christmas Photos. My first thought was… why are these people wearing shorts??? Oh Yeah… Christmas in Palm Dessert or Springs… one of those warm places with palms… just doesn’t seem right somehow. Nice legs on the right side, btw. Oh Yeah… looks like Shelly got a Crossword Puzzle Book… now the swearing will start. Lucky Ash got a balloon dog! Hey, if that’s Emma in the Santa Hat, I’d be txting her too! Hey, those are Sand Holes, not Castles. Sweet Payback, Andrew. Nice Cartoon, Matt. Great Pix, Shelly… looks like a great day!


    • Ted, the weather north of San Diego was crazy warm. The ocean was not. 🙂 @#$@$# words might have been used. Balloon dog from Matt. Haven’t met Emma yet, but we’ve talked. First thing I checked was to see if she had a sense of humour. She’ll need it with this family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEar to you too. Now get back to work on your book.


    • Thanks. Miss those kids already. I feel so badly for you. Can’t believe how the north is being hammered. A friend of Andrew works in a mine in Quebec. They shut it down when it hit -48. Celsius. Oh God@ Have a great New Year.


  2. Luckily for John, you kept accepting the charges! I’d have expected nothing less from John, I almost said, in the last post, of course, John wouldn’t have had a phone plan that allowed him to text! LOL! And, this is also why I’m still working & you two are enjoying retirement!


  3. Shelley, I now hate you even more! Not only do you have a fun, talented and good looking family AND you are retired and get to travel all around but, DAMN – look at them legs you have!!! All crossed and in shape! That’s it – this was the last straw.


    • Noooo!!! But I am looking forward to showing up on your doorstep to drink wine with you! To tell you the truth,I have been super lucky not to have any injuries or chronic pains. Really, I am so thankful. Remember, my family are fun and crazy. 🙂


    • Hmmmmm… now that you mention it. We might have to file as a subset. We’re now in Palm Springs planning a hike. The plan -hike as far into the hills as possible, then turn around when we’ve had enough. In??


  4. I want to join your family! They look like an awesome, fun loving group! Those texts crack me up! My Mom was very patient with my youngest daughter, until we sat down to eat Christmas Eve dinner, then it was okay for her to interject, “You ARE going to put that phone away while we eat, dear?!” Smiles, Robin


    • I may have made some of what Andrew said up, but not the constant texting and the LOL’s. It was sooo funny! Once Andrew had Matt going and had an audience! You must join us. The bigger the group, the more fun it gets.


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