Your Parents are Fun Your Parents are Crazy

Palm Desert, Ca

Palm Desert, California

Coachella Valley, Ca in the background

Palm Desert, Ca

More of Palm Desert, California

Now that John and I are back on the road, mealtimes are just not the same without my parents…


Dad: I need to take down the upstairs fan. Has anyone seen my screwdriver?

Mom: I’m going to make chicken soup out of the left over chicken bones.

Shelley: You mean out of the left over chicken.

Dad: I said, “Has anyone seen my screwdriver?”

Mom: No. I mean out of the left over chicken bones from everyones’ plates.

Shelley: That’s not going to happen.

Dad: Is anyone listening to me?

John: Where did you see it last?

Mom: Why not?

Shelley: Mom, I am not eating soup made from the chicken bones we’ve been chewing on.

Dad: Where did I see it last? If I knew where I saw it last, I wouldn’t be asking where it was.

Shelley: I think I saw it on the kitchen counter? Did you check the kitchen counter?

Mom: But there’s so much goodness in those bones.

Shelley: Still a “No.”

Dad: Did I check the kitchen counter? Yes. I just checked the kitchen counter. It’s not there. If it was there I wouldn’t be asking.

John: What about the shelf in the hallway?

Mom: Since when did you turn into such a picky eater?

Shelley: What? I’m not a…

Dad: Not there.

John: Upstairs by the fan?

Dad: Definitely not there.

John: Upstairs bedroom?

Dad: Why would I take it into the upstairs bedroom?  I don’t need a screw driver in the upstairs bedroom.

John: Let me help you look.

Mom: Oh for God’s sake! 

John, finish your supper.

Shelley, relax. Use your fingers. You’ve made such a fuss that I decided not to make soup out of the bones.

Am betting mom was thinking this.

Was mom thinking this?

Roy, its in the upstairs bathroom, exactly where you left it.

Dad: Val, I did not leave it in the upstairs bathroom. There is no way it’s in the upstairs bathroom.


Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Dad: Why does everyone pick on the little guy?

It’s been three days and I already miss them. As a friend of my brother, Shenley, once said,

“Your parents are fun. Your parents are crazy.”




Day 136, January 10th, 2014

Day 136, January 10th, 2014

Shelley and John

35 thoughts on “Your Parents are Fun Your Parents are Crazy

  1. AHHHH!!!!!!! OMG, leftover chicken bones from other people’s plates. I need to go breathe into a bag. That’s hilarious. She’s right, lots of goodness in those bones, but still I just can not go there. You’re parents are adorable!!


    • Yes. Yes. Remember looks can be deceiving. The nicest kookiest couple. I want you to imagine what it was like growing up in our mad mad household. Maybe not quite as crazy as your outhouse story, but it’s up there. 🙂


  2. What? Everyone is commenting on the soup and hammer! What gives? The important part is that you let your Dad borrow the “Save Santa a trip” sign. You are a sharing person!


  3. Haha your parents seem sweet! They look so dang happy in the photos, that’s awesome.
    And that soup thing sounds horrifying. Do bones themselves taste like chicken? How does that even work? Wait, don’t tell me.


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