I Would go After that Deadly, Killer, Poisonous Son of a Bitch and Kill it by Ripping its Head Off

Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs,California

Fonts Point, California

Fonts Point near Borrego Palms, California

John and I have left the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) for the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park area. Tomorrow we plan on hiking the “Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail” and checking out the “Palm Slots.” As the weather has been unseasonably warm (sorry friends in the north) there is a possibility that little critters such as snakes, tarantulas, 9 inch centipedes, etc. etc. will be out sunning themselves.
I couldn’t but help be reminded of a post I wrote during our first winter in the southern US.
Apology #1: This was from Blogspot.com and it won’t let me reformat unless I have oodles of online time which I don’t. I’m camping in the middle of the desert, people.
Apology #2:  Sorry to those who have already read this, but trust me not much has changed. Enjoy.
The other morning we decided to spend the day hiking in the desert. But first we had to prepare. My job was to sort out the food. John’s was to get the drinks ready.

However, John felt he had to deal with more important matters first, like looking up information on what to do if  “deadly” jackasses or “killer” coyotes or “poisonous” rattle snakes attacked.

“So, honey, what would you do if those “deadly” jackasses attacked us?”
“Easy. Get next to you, yell and wave my arms. They are more afraid of us than we are of them.”
“Do you really believe that, John?”
“I hope we don’t have to find out…. Wait, are you winding me up? ”

“Of course not. After all, safety is no accident. And if the “killer “ coyotes come after us?”

“Don’t make fun, Shelley. I don’t have a good feeling about this. I’m just trying to be prepared. ”
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Sorry. You’re right. Ha! Ha! Ha! Seriously though.  What would you do?”
 “If you keep this up, I would let them get you.”

“Really? That’s terrible. I would do everything in my power to save you. Everything.”

“That is such BS, Shelley! I distinctly remember skiing in France when I fell and started to slowly slip down the cliff to my certain death. And you, you did nothing because you were laughing too hard. At me.”

“That’s so unfair. At no point were you in danger of dying. The cliff was 5 meters high, tops, and it was snowing. So, if you had fallen, you would have landed in a blanket of fresh snow. Anyway, didn’t you stick your poles in the snow and climb out?”

“That is not the point. You didn’t help me. I would have helped you.”

“Like the time in Tokyo when you were outside the house before the earthquake stopped and I was still in bed?”

“ Jesus Christ Shelley!!! I was opening the door for you!!! ”
“Oh my God. Fine. OK. What if a “poisonous” rattle snake bit me? What would you do?”
“Seriously? You want me to answer that?”
“What would you do? Come on. Be honest. What would you do to help your loving, loyal wife of thirty years?”

“ I would go after that “deadly, killer, poisonous ” son of a bitch and kill it by ripping its head off. I would skin it, eat the meat raw, and hang the rattlers around my neck for a trophy. I would wrap a tourniquet above the bite and suck out all of the poison from your body even though I know that I am not supposed to. I would risk my life to save yours. There. Satisfied?

Now for the love of God, can we go?”

“And if it bit me in the bum?…John?….John??!!?!”

“Then you’re on your own….Honey.”

Day 139, January 13th, 2014

Day 139, January 13th, 2014

Shelley and John

44 thoughts on “I Would go After that Deadly, Killer, Poisonous Son of a Bitch and Kill it by Ripping its Head Off

  1. Dear Globe Trotters,
    We – still FRed.i.Am(tm and I – are pleased to see that whilst in are America you resisted the temptation to wear socks with your trekking sandals thus keeping your street cred, but wish to advise that the grass needs cutting back at your home.

    Have fun and nice post. Shame fear caused rust in the , urm, artifacts.

    Mr, End (rear)


    • Whew! Finally, I have accepted your nomination in my latest post. Please don’t be too mad as I have had such limited internet, I did not pay it forward. But, I really do appreciated the time and effort you took to nominate me.


  2. won’t the string of rattlesnake bones clash w/ the string of garlic to ward off the vampires? John, pls keep in mind fashion tips while on the trip….


  3. What a hubby, that John!! Not sure Mr. brickhouse would even lie about helping me out like that! He’s all about survival of the fittest and all that jazz. I’d be a goner! Ok, my one piece of advice to you is that while you are in or near the desert, ALWAYS check your shoes before slipping your feet right in. My sister lived in Texas and found live scorpions inside her shoe right before sticking her foot in! AY!!!!!!!!!!!! Since then she AND I always check our shoes – even in the winter!!


    • At least you know where you stand with your hubby. 🙂 Funny you should say that about our shoes. We left a bunch outside last night. Will definitely do the shake. Wait, will definitely make sure John does the shake. 🙂


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